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Everyone has a Primal Zodiac sign. No matter when or where you were born, the alignment of the stars, moon, and planets at that moment are not random factors in your experience.  Each of us chooses the primary conditions of our birth and the Universe does the rest. The forces of the Universe reveal their secrets to us through astrology.  What a lot of people don’t know is that there is not only one kind of astrology. 


In general Western astrology is based on the solar calendar and Eastern astrology is based on the lunar calendar.  This means that everyone has both the Sun and Moon play critical roles in the decoding of this information. This also means that everyone can learn more by combining the Solar and Lunar zodiacs together into one Universal Zodiac, also known here as the Primal Zodiac.  


Each of the 12 Western signs can be combined with the 12 Eastern signs and together they form 144 different primal zodiac signs.  This means that the accuracy of each sign is 1200% more specific than either sign alone.


Primal Astrology is the art and science of decoding the mysteries of human experience by reverse-engineering the relationship between the stars, planets, and other celestial entities and applying that information into a predictive dataset.


The secret code of the Universe has always been right there for us to find.  Ancient spiritualists could connect to higher truths through astrological divination, while average citizens made key life decisions based on these predictions.  Those who have followed them throughout history have also learned these secrets and can apply them to humanity as a whole.


No matter who you are or where you are from you share a common human experience in the influence these energies have over the human race.  And these influences continue every day of your life as the Earth, Moon, and planets shift positions in a never ending celestial dance.


My goal is to keep Primal Astrology free. If you would like to contribute to that goal please consider purchasing a personalized astrological report.  These reports break down your complete birth chart, calculating the positions and angles between various astrological entities, and decoding the information received.


Everyone is unique. Find your primal zodiac sign for free at

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