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Find Your Sign

Most people know astrology through their sun sign (Taurus, Pisces, etc.), but that is just one of many alignments that all have an effect on personality.  Primal Astrology also takes into account a person’s sign on the lunar calendar, most commonly known as “Chinese Astrology” or “Eastern Astrology”.  By considering both signs instead of just one Primal Astrology is able to make predictions that are 1200% more accurate than one sign alone.


Primal Astrology creates new signs for each combination. All signs are based on animals that have matching traits, so there is always a connection. These “spirit animals” represent the characteristics that one may find in a person of that sign. 


Finding your Primal Zodiac sign is easy and free. Using the tool below find the year of your birth and then find the date range that includes your birthday.  The sign listed is your Primal Zodiac sign.  Click on the animal name to read the description of that sign.

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