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Celebrity zodiac signs are just like regular zodiac signs, but more famous.  Everyone has a sign in Primal Astrology and celebs are no exception.  While this is not the most exhaustive list of celebrity zodiac signs on the internet it does contain thousands of names, birth dates, and signs.  If you see someone missing, feel free to let me know through the Contact page.


The tool below will let you choose a primal zodiac sign and will list all of the celebrities with the same primal zodiac sign.  If you are looking for a specific celebrity the best option is to look up their date of birth and use the FIND YOUR SIGN tool to match the date to a sign.


In the future I will be working on some more options for this page, and will post those updates here as they are available.

Choose a SIGN

Birth Date
LeBron James
December 30, 1984
Joey McIntyre
December 31, 1972
Jude Law
December 29, 1972
Paul McCrane
January 19, 1961
Mark Messier
January 18, 1961
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
January 13, 1961
Gabrielle Carteris
January 2, 1961
Robert Palmer
January 19, 1949
Andy Kaufman
January 17, 1949
George Foreman
January 10, 1949
Donna Summer
December 31, 1948
Gérard Depardieu
December 27, 1948
Barbara Mandrell
December 25, 1948
Steve Garvey
December 22, 1948
Margaret O'Brien
January 15, 1937
Shirley Bassey
January 8, 1937
Grace Bumbry
January 4, 1937
Dyan Cannon
January 4, 1937
Mary Tyler Moore
December 29, 1936
Gwen Verdon
January 13, 1925
Rod Serling
December 25, 1924
Danny Kaye
January 18, 1913
Lloyd Bridges
January 15, 1913
Richard Nixon
January 9, 1913
Loretta Young
January 6, 1913
Lady Bird Johnson
December 22, 1912
Andre Michelin
January 16, 1853


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