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Invest in limited edition Primal Astrology NFTs!

NFTs (or NonFungible Tokens) are a new and exciting way to invest in your future while also supporting Primal Astrology.  Each Primal Astrology NFT is a unique digital artwork that can only be owned by a single person and can be sold again at whatever price you want.

This first series of Primal Astrology NFTs will include only one NFT per primal zodiac sign, so only one person will be able to own each NFT.  All NFTs will be sold on

Series 1 is currently not available.  Preview the NFT collection here:

Zodiac Chart


  • What are NFTs?

    • Simply put, NFTs are cryptocurrency based investments that allow individuals to buy and sell collectible digital items.  Once you buy a collectible NFT you are the owner and can resell it at any time, just like any other collectible.​

  • What is the Primal Astrology NFT collection?

    • As you may have noticed, Primal Astrology contains 144 zodiac signs.  Each NFT series contains one original piece of artwork for each sign (1 aardvark, 1 wolf, etc.)  Each collectible can only be owned by one person, who then has the right to sell or hold onto the piece.  NFTs are expected to increase in value over time, like any other collectible, though there is no guarantee that this will happen.​

  • Why are you doing this?

    • Even though it took years of unpaid work to create Primal Astrology, I have always intended for it to be a free resource for everyone.  I use Google Ads on the site for a small income, but that money alone doesn't cover enough of the expenses.  I believe that creating and selling NFTs is the best way to support the site while also offering something of real value to supporters.​

  • How can I learn more about NFTs?

    • Primal Astrology NFT collections will be sold on OpenSea, a trusted NFT distribution site.  You can learn about NFTs and how to set up an account at​

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