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Black Bear


Though primarily solitary and even-keeled, those born under the Primal Zodiac sign of Black Bear can be seriously dangerous if crossed. Like their animal namesake they are powerful and territorial creatures, though they have little desire to be part of any confrontation. They will, however, defend their territory fearlessly and relentlessly if provoked. Despite this, Black Bears are actually quite well natured most of the time, and are willing to work hard to finish whatever job needs done. They are also giving by nature, except when they feel that they may be in danger of losing stability in their own lives. Black Bears know that they can’t possibly help others if their own lives are unstable.

Black Bears don’t like to show their emotions, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have strong feelings about a great many things. One of their more challenging personality traits is their need to be in control of every situation that affects them. Unlike some other signs, they don’t need to be in control of others, just themselves. Black Bears know that they are hard working and capable, so they resent being supervised or managed by others who are usually less hard working and less capable than they are. They are more than willing to manage their own stability, and feel off balance if they can’t control the direction of their daily lives.


Members of this sign tend to exude a tough exterior, but it’s primarily unintentional. They aren’t trying to come across as hard or gruff, they just are very protective of the way others view them. Inside they are surprisingly emotional beings who, despite their best efforts, often feel incomplete and out of balance. This can make getting to know a Black Bear somewhat challenging. At the same time, they fiercely protect and enjoy providing for close friends and family. If you are able to get a member of this sign to let their guard down, you will find a faithful and loyal friend that you can trust without question.

It may come as a surprise to those who know them, but finding true love is one of the biggest life goals of a Black Bear. Though they don’t often show it, they deeply desire to find the perfect match to share their lives with. Once they find this person, they will share their true selves with them and expect the same in return. This is a very loving, protective, family-oriented sign that will only truly feel stable when their family life is happy and in order. The quiet and mysterious nature of the Black Bear helps attract potential mates much easier than the Black Bear realizes. Opening themselves up to others is one of the primary life goals of this sign.

Careers & Goals

Black Bears aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. In fact, they literally enjoy working in the dirt! Black Bears make great farmers, gardeners, builders, and landscapers. They get a great deal of satisfaction from working with their hands and feel most accomplished when this work is connected to providing for others. What might seem like grunt work to other signs is a sacred form of giving to the Black Bear. Similarly, many members of this sign become chefs - though they almost always prefer to use local, organically grown produce if they don’t have their own garden that they source their food from. This ownership of both growing and giving is a very big part of this sign’s personality, and is necessary to many Black Bear’s contentment.

Some Black Bears prefer more intellectual pursuits, but again this shows up in a connection with the earth and nature. This is why you can find members of this sign working as archaeologists. In this role they see their finds as finds for all of humanity and consider this work their way of giving back to the field of science and knowledge. Whatever they choose to do, they will want to be in charge and have a certain amount of independence. After all, Black Bears work so hard they don’t need to be supervised.


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