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Aquarius + Snake

Boa Constrictor


Boa Constrictors are intelligent, charming, colorful, and intuitive. They are highly observant and have a knack for anticipating the behavior of others. They are very analytical by nature and while they can be eccentric at times, they calculate their moves carefully before making them. They are very good with words and can convince others to do what they want, but they also try to avoid being manipulative, unless they need to for the greater good.

Often, members of this sign spend a great deal of energy fighting an inner struggle to balance selfishness with selflessness. Part of them wants to save the world, but the practical side also wants to make sure they and their family are taken care of. Because they never act until they are ready, a Boa Constrictor can spend a great deal of time poring over decisions, which can be unhealthy because they get stressed out easily.


Trust is of the highest importance to Boa Constrictors. They are trusting by nature, but not foolish. Betray them once and it is likely the last you’ll ever see of them. They are honest and friendly by nature, but also somewhat cautious. They’ll let you know a lot about them as long as it is what they want you to know. They are typically very entertaining when they want to be, but can switch over to the seductive side of their personality when they feel like it.

Members of this sign can be possessive. Part of that is the trust they put into their friends and partners. They expect loyalty back, which can drive them into a frenzy if they become suspicious that someone might be taking advantage of them. If this happens, their big imaginations start running and they quickly go to the worst-case scenario. Boa Constrictors typically are the ones to choose if they want to be in a relationship or not, and can become insecure if they feel that they have lost that control. They need trustworthy partners who can keep their irrational fears in check.

Careers & Goals

Boa Constrictors are among the most intuitive of all the Primal Zodiac signs. Members of this sign have a natural ability to sense what is going on around them. Some have such finely tuned senses that they actually have psychic abilities! For these few, the career choice is obvious, but those who don’t have a mystical gift can still use their abilities to do good and be successful. Many psychic and non-psychic members of this sign end up as astrologers.

Unsurprisingly, Boa Constrictors make excellent psychologists and psychiatrists. Their intuition helps them see beyond what is being shown to them into the real issues. These roles also satisfy the analytical and problem-solving sides of their nature, while also satisfying their desire to help others.


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