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Capricorn + Dog



Faithful, idealistic, and resourceful, those born under the Primal Zodiac sign of Boxer are ambitious individuals who always want to do the right thing. A combination of the Western Zodiac sign of Capricorn and the Eastern Zodiac sign of Dog, members of this sign strive for personal success within the boundaries of their own moral and ethical codes.

Boxers are often traditional and avoid trying new things until they have done their own research. New ideas, techniques, and social roles have to be put to the test before they are accepted as valid. Some believe that Boxers are anxious, paranoid, and distrusting, and indeed they do take quite a bit of caution before partaking in any unusual affairs. It is this quality that often stands out to others, especially those who are more carefree.

To a Boxer, being right is more important than being adventurous. While they are willing to walk the longest journeys in order to achieve their goals, they also want to know that the long path is worth walking. To put it another way, Boxers always look before they leap. It’s not just for their own safety and well-being, but also for those who they care for. Members of this sign are often admired by their communities and worry that their actions could have a negative impact upon others. Boxers are also proud individuals who don’t want to be seen making a mistake. While this personality trait is often advantageous, it can also create a great deal of anxiety, making it difficult for Boxers to make decisions in a timely manner.

Members of this sign tend to be very black or white, right or wrong. The ever faithful Dog is likely to get lost in Capricorn’s ambition, thinking he or she is doing the right thing when in reality they are taking it too far. Unfortunately, neither Capricorn nor Dog are good at knowing when to stop. The more success they achieve the less likely they are to listen to others, especially if they truly believe that what they are doing is “good” or “right”. It will be the best intentions that can be the most dangerous in a Boxer’s hands.


Boxers tend to be cautious and calculating when it comes to relationships. Unfortunately they don’t seem to understand that while this approach helps them succeed in achieving their personal goals, it doesn’t work particularly well in building successful relationships with others. Members of this sign have a hard time letting go of control and just having a good time. When they do, they are funny, caring, kind, and even a bit silly. That others get to occasionally see the softer side of the Boxer is how they end up having good friendships with the persistent individuals who are willing to work their way through the Boxer’s cautious exterior.

Love is important for members of this sign, and while the strong-hearted Boxer can be somewhat outgoing among friends, they tend to be quite a bit more anxious when it comes to romance. Boxers have a lot of self-doubt and are very wary of rejection. They are used to being supportive, though, and this helps their cause quite a bit. Partners often wish that Boxers could relax a bit more and be more trusting, yet members of this sign are also easily scarred by lost love and tend to have reasons for their cautiousness. Boxers have to be careful not to become too controlling in their relationships, either passively or aggressively. This may be more of a challenge than they anticipate. Certain planetary aspects in each individual’s birth chart will have a strong effect on how relationships play out.

Careers & Goals

Boxers are very aware of how they are perceived, so career tends to matter quite a bit to them. A prestigious title or large salary is the evidence they need to feel that they have taken the right path in life. Quite a bit of pride and self-esteem come from career success and Boxers are willing to do what it takes to earn it. And they do earn it. Those born under this sign want there to be no question that they deserve the success they have achieved, and many like to recall a poor or hopeless past that they managed to overcome.

The more obviously successful the career, the better, as members of this sign want their accomplishments to speak for themselves. Capricorn’s drive mixed with Dog’s humanitarian idealism are the perfect combination for such a goal. Politics is almost always of interest to Boxers, and many choose to become politicians, lawyers, judges, and presidents of any society they can find. They also make good preachers, doctors, and dentists, especially in small towns where they can be a big fish in a small pond, so to speak.


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