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Taurus + Sheep



Hard working, patient, and intelligent, those born under the sign of the Buffalo have no problem taking a backseat to more dominant personalities. Dependable, trustworthy, and kind, this is a sign of quiet, well-mannered individuals whose reputation is as important to them as their appearance. Buffalo have their own standards to live up to and can be nearly impossible to convince to stray from their moral and ethical beliefs. They are mostly calm and peaceful, but can become extremely aggressive if pushed too far.

Buffalo are mildly social, but otherwise not very adventurous. Unlike some other signs, they don’t mind having a routine to follow as long as it serves some kind of purpose for them. This preference usually comes through in their career choice, but not always. Buffalo have great stores of passion and resilience just waiting to take on a worthy project, but they don’t bring that passion to what they are doing if they flat out don’t like it.

Members of this sign can come across as lazy and nervous when they are not well balanced, though the real uncertainty is much greater inside than out. Buffalo dislike change as much as they dislike making important decisions. This partly explains why they don’t like working as the leader on projects. They would rather go on auto-pilot and follow their routine than have to face the pressures of being in charge.

When balanced, Buffalo are elegant and patient individuals with great taste in food, clothes, and decor. They are gracious hosts who enjoy displays of wealth and generosity. They like luxuries of all kinds including and especially good food, wine, and entertainment. Most Buffalo have nice homes and enjoy the beauty of the natural world.


Members of this sign make loyal and sincere friends. Though they may seem a bit reserved or disinterested, they are actually very caring and sympathetic. Buffalo like to exude a cool, calm exterior are uncomfortable breaking that illusion, even if others know it is just a front. They want to be as giving as possible, but are also constantly worried about their own personal and financial security above all. They keep their own neurosis hidden deep inside, but that doesn’t mean that their fears and insecurities don’t show. Buffalo need their space as much as they need to be around others, so they usually only keep a select group of friends close to them.

Buffalos have a very specific style when it comes to romance. They prefer long, slow, steady growth with another person rather than a fiery and dramatic fling. Sweet, gentle, and nurturing, this is a sign that has a lot of love to give and just needs to find someone who appreciates what they have to offer. Many Buffalo will have trouble finding the right partner at a young age simply because many other young men and women have unrealistic views of what makes a successful partnership. Members of this sign know instinctively what they really want and should not be in any kind of hurry to rush into relationships that can’t give them what they need. If you are a young Buffalo wondering why you don’t seem to relate to anyone, don’t worry, you just need to wait a little longer for everyone else to mature.

Careers & Goals

Those born under the sign of the Buffalo are both intelligent and artistic, but are not very entrepreneurial. Though they like to spend time alone, they ultimately prefer working in groups and having a specific role to play. Unlike other signs, Buffalo don’t mind routine, in fact it often provides exactly the sense of comfortable security they need. On the other hand, members of this sign like money and are good with it (though they tend to overspend a little too often).

Most people who know Buffalo would be surprised at how artistic they are. This is a (usually) hidden talent that they keep to themselves but one which is important in maintaining a sense of balance and happiness. The three best creative career choices for this sign are musician, dancer, and florist, though they can also have great success as a painter, gallery owner, or museum guide. In fact, old art is often more attractive to them than new art, which is why many become an art history teacher, antique dealer, or auctioneer.

For those who are less interested in an artistic career, Interior and furniture design also fit this sign well as do daycare teachers or pediatricians. For those who seek to make as much money as possible, a career in finance is a natural fit as well, thanks to the sun’s influence in Taurus. Many successful Investment analysts, real estate agents, and venture capitalists share the sign of the Buffalo.


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