Primal Zodiac Sign of Camel
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Sagittarius + Pig



Those born under the sign of the Camel are friendly, amiable, and up for an adventure. Like their animal namesake, Camels will not only trek through harsh conditions for you, they will carry you on their back while they do it. Few signs are as determined as this one once they know what they want. The nice thing is that what they usually want most is to take things as they come and have a good time while they do it. Members of this sign never try to impress others, but they often do so anyway through their natural charisma and easy-going personality. They are highly self-reliant and very lucky, which is why they don’t always look before they leap.

Camels are not overly emotional. They like to live and let live. They are optimistic and believe that people are inherently good and kind and fair. Some people think that Camels are naive, and in some ways they are, but they are also very resilient and can bounce back from bad situations with ease and grace. This is a sign that lives for new experiences and would rather risk looking like a sucker every once in a while than risk missing out on an adventure. Besides, if things take a turn for the worse, Camels know that they can handle any situation they find themselves in.


If you have a Camel as a friend, consider yourself lucky. Few signs balance the honesty, reliability, friendliness, helpfulness, and ability to let go and have a good time like this sign does. Speaking simply, Camels make excellent friends. Whether you spend a little bit of time with them or a lot, you’ll always enjoy their company and it doesn’t hurt to know that they are always there when you really need them. They are also likely to know the best places to eat and drink at, and are among the first to try something new.

In love, Camels can make great partners as well, but be warned - Camels don’t have a high tolerance for the dramatic. They will indulge in a good story or intriguing gossip here and there, but when the drama gets too close to home, they won’t stick around to deal with it. Members of this sign don’t like being around, let alone involved in tense or volatile situations; they actually find them quite annoying. Relationships that have high amounts of tension or drama will not work out well in the long run, no matter what else is involved. Camels need others similar to themselves - those who are curious, courageous, social, and easy-going.

Careers & Goals

Camels like to do good in the world, which is why careers in civil service make for a good fit. These can range from non-profit fundraiser to social worker to teacher to a member of the clergy. Many of these positions provide a daily purpose as well as an ever-evolving routine that meets a lot of the emotional needs and intellectual challenges of this sign. As long as the work continues to interest them, Camels can be happy without a “flashy” career that other signs need to boost their egos.

Members of this sign also enjoy entertaining - in all senses of the word. Whether they are hosting parties or are the star of a musical, Camels have a natural talent for keeping others entertained. They deeply enjoy the humor and intrigue of “real-life” and will often surprise others with witty and timely quips that are painfully honest. Most Camels could be successful comedians if they wanted to, but their sense of humor may be a little too intellectual and brutally honest for a lot of people. Instead, writing, acting, or producing may be a better fit.


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