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Catfish are complex and somewhat mysterious creatures. Far more than most people, those born under the sign of Catfish will experience strong inner conflict during their lifetimes. That’s because Catfish have two very different sides of their personality that are difficult to get in sync with each other. They are simultaneously strongly masculine and feminine, aggressive yet sweet, and active yet lazy.

Members of this sign somewhat resemble a hyperactive child. They mean well and truly care about those around them, but sometimes they can’t help but act out. They are genuinely kind and caring but have a tendency to say the wrong thing and offend others. Being a Catfish can be frustrating, as their actions don’t always match their intentions. Though typically social, in these difficult moments, members of the Catfish Primal Zodiac sign will head off on their own. Like their animal namesake, it’s as if they will sink if they don’t keep moving forward, looking for a place where they finally feel comfortable.

Catfish are sensitive, and when their lives are out of order, they can be very emotionally unstable. They often show a false sense of confidence to others, because they care very much how they are perceived. Internally they are unsure of what direction to take with their lives, but are unstoppably driven to keep moving forward. The key to happiness for this sign is to learn to relax and allow life to happen as it will. It will be very hard for them to give up control, but if they do, they will find that life is actually much more simple than they ever imagined.


Members of this sign desire social activity, yet when they are in a group they find it difficult to know how to interact with others, often feeling much like a child trying to join in an adult conversation. Catfish want to be part of the group, but will rarely make waves unless provoked, so they instead tend to sit back and observe, chiming in only when they feel confident that they will be well received. Good friends understand the inner workings of the Catfish’s mind, and put them in situations where they can be comfortable. These relationships are extremely valuable to this sign and should not be taken for granted.

In love, Catfish relationships tend to be volatile. Those born under this sign are, by nature, wanderers. They don’t like sitting still for long, let alone having the same conversation with the same person day after day after day. They tend to last longest in relationships with others who are either very adventurous or who allow them to do whatever they want, whenever they want. Either type of relationship can go wrong easily, though, and at some point the Catfish will have to decide what is most important to them. Parenthood is surprisingly good for this sign, as it settles them down a bit and lets them return to their own childhood in a way, which is by far the most natural state for a Catfish.

Careers & Goals

Catfish should never, ever be put in a routine job. They need to be able to move around, both physically and creatively. For this reason, it’s difficult to pin down the “perfect job” for this sign. People born under the Catfish sign should use their intuition rather than logic to figure out what career suits them best. They need to serve their sense of adventure as well as their creative side. They work best with a lot of independence, which is why many become artists.

Though it’s hard to name a specific career for them, there are some distinctly “Catfish” types of activities that could turn into jobs if they are lucky. Only a Catfish could make a career out of climbing to the top of a mountain to paint a picture of the view, or photographing sharks in their natural habitat. In fact, this “adventure photography” is quite a perfect fit for the Catfish, combining adventure and creativity into one package that most people don’t have the guts to do.

Whatever they decide, the career needs to be true to the inner needs of the Catfish. An attempt to follow someone else’s dream or take a career for the money or the respect will end disastrously.


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