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Gemini + Sheep



Centipedes are sweet, caring, and always know the right thing to say. They are always pointing others toward the positives in life, though they themselves are prone to anxiety and depression. While they don’t care if they look tough or not, Centipedes hate to look weak, afflicted, or in any other way not living the perfect life. They try very hard to be there for others, but hate to ask for help when they need it.

Members of this sign are not great with money, though they always seem to acquire it when they really need it. Centipedes like to own nice clothes, cars, and homes and don’t mind spending the money to do so. They are smart and often go far in education, but they can be a little scatterbrained at times. While Centipedes are very caring and involved with friends and family they can also become resentful if this caring becomes expected of them. They like to give of themselves as a gift to others but don’t feel comfortable having others rely on them.


Centipedes make some of the best friends you could ever hope for. They are thoughtful and caring when you need them to be, but they also have a lot of fun and interesting topics to discuss. Members of this sign are great listeners and conversationalists, but they don’t reveal much about themselves except to those who are very close to them. They can be offended easily and then bottle it up inside, which can have a corrosive effect on friendships and relationships.

Not surprisingly, Centipedes make great romantic partners. They are loyal and trustworthy and are amazing parents. They have a hard time saying “no” when they need to and can get themselves overwhelmed easily. This combined with their anxious nature creates a lot of stress in marriages, at least from their perspective. Of course, their mate may have no idea that they are feeling this way. Centipedes need to learn how to say what’s on their mind in order to keep from becoming detached and resentful.

Careers & Goals

Centipedes do best when they have a lot of variety in their careers. They are not meant for a cubicle or tightly structured management styles. Members of this sign thrive when they can share their interests with others. Along with their caring and supportive nature, they make great teachers of any subject as long as it interests them. They are excellent with children, so many become daycare and elementary school teachers. Others become professors of art history, literature, or music. No matter where they choose to teach, they are beloved by their students because they teach from a true child-like excitement for their subject.

Their terrific bedside manner and comforting nature make them great doctors as well, especially pediatricians. Children are drawn to Centipedes like magnets, so any career having to do with children is a great fit for this sign.

No matter what they choose to pursue, it is critical that a Centipede is interested in the work they do. If not, they will end up depressed and lethargic, and will be missing a lot of the magic that makes them so special.


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