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Aquarius + Dog



Chameleons, like their namesake animal, are nearly impossible to perceive correctly. That’s because Chameleons never stay the same for long. From an outside perspective, the chameleon can at any time appear confidently eccentric or anxiously insane. Chameleons love to explore and are only truly held down to Earth by their own internal practicality, that shows up every once in a while when they really need it. One thing that nobody can question about Chameleons, though, is their kind and giving nature. Though they often seem to be in pursuit of whatever shiny object catches their attention at the moment, members of this sign are always looking out for their fellow man. It would be just like a Chameleon to disappear for an annoyingly long amount of time just to show up suddenly with the perfect gift that they spent hours at an antique store looking for - just for you.

Chameleons spend a lot of time in their own head. While they are often social, political, and outspoken, they also have an alter-ego that is practical, frugal, and down to Earth. Don’t bother trying to figure out this contradiction, it’s just the way they are. At best, the Chameleon is exciting, passionate, and has a unique voice that aims to change the world for the better. At worst, members of this sign are anxious, uncertain, suspicious, and defensive. Any member of this sign will struggle with the balancing act between reality and the ideal world they believe that they can make real.


Chameleons’ eccentricity and big energy make them an attractive mate for many others who have enough confidence to try to keep up with them. Members of this sign are loyal to a high degree, which sometimes causes conflicts when their sense of exploration and adventure kicks in. That’s not to say they are looking for new relationships, they just have a hard time staying still for long.

Chameleons do best with mates who can accept their uniqueness and can trust them enough to let them be free to do what they feel necessary. That said, Chameleons have a hard time trusting others, and it takes a long time for them to feel truly comfortable and accepted. This is, perhaps, the biggest challenge for members of this sign. They require a great deal of trust from their mate, but have a hard time giving that trust back, despite their typically loyal nature. This is likely something that they will have to work on over their lifetime.

Careers & Goals

The two key career attributes for Chameleons are their inquisitiveness and their humanitarian nature. For the first, a career as a scientist, researcher, or even inventor are all great roles for the Chameleon. Spending a great deal of their day involved in an ever changing puzzle fulfills a great deal of this sign’s investigative nature. It’s best if the research is connected to a charitable or otherwise benevolent purpose, which is why many Chameleons choose specific careers that allow them to research cures for diseases or inventions that make people’s lives better.

The other side of the Chameleon is their humanitarian side. Chameleons truly want to make the world a better place, and are often involved in roles that allow them to give of themselves, even if it means getting paid below what they know they are worth. Members of this sign are perfect for non-profit work, as social workers, and as political activists for the needy. The practical side may want to be a doctor or nurse, but the adventurous side would prefer it if that doctor or nurse was working in a third-world country. As always, Chameleons have to find a balance that works for them, and should be cautious about being overly ideal, which can easily lead to burn out and disappointment.


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