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Peaceful, creative, and elegant, those born under the sign of the Clownfish are not clowns at all, but arbiters of good taste amongst their acquaintances. Like their animal namesake, members of this sign like to keep up a clean, sophisticated appearance. They are almost always well dressed and have nice homes and gardens with perfectly staged furniture and artwork. Even young Clownfish with little money like to save up to buy nice things.

While members of this sign are always polite and well-mannered, they tend to have a good deal of social anxiety. In truth, Clownfish are insecure. They too often need the love and approval of others to feel good about themselves. They don’t like to take risks because they don’t want to make mistakes and offend others or embarrass themselves. Instead, many Clownfish are content with trying to quietly go with the flow, focusing their energy on being admired by others.

Clownfish don’t try to control other people, so they often instead try to control everything in their lives, which is why their homes, cars, and wardrobes are always so immaculate. Members of this sign aren’t superficial, but can become so if they focus all of their attention on material things. It’s not that they are materialistic necessarily; Clownfish are just very, very big dreamers. They love to fantasize about the perfect life and aspire to somehow have it all, despite the fact that they are not go-getters by nature.

Those born under this sign have a couple of key challenges in their lives. First, they must learn to accept reality in order to avoid being constantly disappointed by life. In addition, they don’t trust their instincts enough and tend to therefore get suckered into situations they don’t want to be in. Clownfish are highly intelligent and creative and should trust themselves to be more independent.


Clownfish tend to have a lot of friends and like to be part of groups where they can socialize without having to be the center of attention. Members of this sign are very supportive of friends and family. They are great listeners and are good at seeing all points of view, which is why they are often the de facto peacemakers amongst their family and friends. They can almost always be counted on to keep a cool head and others respect them for their calmness, grace, and social elegance. Clownfish are internally emotional and a bit insecure, so they tend to play that role amongst their louder friends. Appearances are important to this sign, so they should exercise moderation when socializing includes alcohol, as they tend to get rather sloppy when intoxicated.

Romantic, long-term relationships are of key importance to this sign. In fact, they are probably too important to this sign as many Clownfish tend to stick with the first person available rather than risk losing them to find the right partner. In the animal kingdom the clownfish relies on a symbiotic relationship with a sea anemone. The anemone shelters and protects the clownfish while the clownfish cleans, grooms, and cares for the anemone. This is similar to how many human relationships for this sign work. In many cases, members of this sign would love to stay home (perhaps to raise a family) and work on their art while supporting a “breadwinning” spouse’s career. Though this may seem old-fashioned and/or unpopular with others, this setup actually works quite well for Clownfish, as long as it also works for their partners.

Careers & Goals

To be honest, the real career goal for a Clownfish is to win the lottery and settle into a life of luxury and relaxation. Considering how rare winning the lottery actually is, it is probably good for members of this sign to have a “backup plan”.

Clownfish are artists at heart and many enjoy performing despite their inherent shyness. It is, in fact, because of their shyness that they get such a thrill from artistic expression. Ironically since they are not good at expressing themselves in their daily lives, they seem to have an extra ability to express themselves through art and creative endeavors. In this case the perfect career is in whatever field they are talented in and allows them to be creative. Though many will choose art as a career, there are more options that allow them to make money and enjoy their work. Particularly good fits tend to be careers as hairdressers, beauticians, interior designers, or landscapers.


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