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Those born under the sign of the Coyote are innovative thinkers, brilliant strategists, and are stubbornly dogmatic in their beliefs. Members of this sign like to quietly observe new people and surroundings but are surprisingly opinionated and outspoken once they are comfortable. This is a highly capable sign that has the ability to accomplish just about anything. Their only real obstacle in life is themselves.

The Coyote is an inherently contradictory sign. Members of this sign often feel an inner conflict throughout their lives that they have difficulty putting into words. They require a very delicate balance of stability and freedom, new experiences and familiar situations, adventure and structure. Finding this balance, or at least working toward it, is the life purpose of most Coyotes. It is not unusual for members of this sign to experience depression, anxiety, or addiction at some point in their lives. Being born a Coyote is not a curse by any means, but it does present interesting life challenges for those who are.

Like their animal namesake, Coyotes are forever wandering from place to place trying to find somewhere they can feel stable. This does not necessarily mean moving from town to town, but job to job, idea to idea, relationship to relationship. They usually end up walking the same circles and repeating the same patterns over time. Patience is necessary to achieve this important balance, as is learning to accept life as it comes. Coyotes are so good at planning how to control situations that they have trouble letting go and letting life happen in its natural course.


Coyotes can be very difficult to read at first. They don’t put their cards on the table right away, rather they sit back and form a strategy even in the most casual social situations. Only when they have read their surroundings well do they open up and join the conversation. This isn’t so they can cater their opinions to their audience, though. It’s more like knowing which topics will be well accepted and which to avoid. Over time Coyotes gain close and loyal friends with those who they choose to let in. They are more social than anyone expects at first and typically like to keep a fairly small but trustworthy group with them for regular social contact.

Long-term relationships are not a priority for many young Coyotes. Not that they are not interested in romance, but they are more cautious with potential lovers than they are with potential friends. Their reserved nature may come across to others as either mysterious or boring. Coyotes have a mean streak and can explode in rage when pushed too far. This is always a surprise to those who assume them to be gentle creatures.

It’s not easy to understand a Coyote, as they themselves have a difficult time doing so. Those who get to know them and can tolerate their imbalances as well as help them work toward a balanced life will be rewarded with a loving, honest, and dedicated partner for life.

Careers & Goals

Members of this sign are Generals by nature - strategists that are willing to do what it takes to get the job done. However, they are independent thinkers and have no desire to follow rules that they don’t believe in, making actual military careers an unlikely fit.

Instead, Coyotes may choose to use their strategic talents for other purposes. This could be anything from business management to community leadership to financial planning. The truth is, there is no one-size-fits-all career for this sign. This is both a blessing and a curse as it means that this capable sign can accomplish just about anything they put their ample minds to, but it also leaves them without a direction to go in. Thus, the career of the Coyote ends up as nomadic as the Coyote himself. This is where learning to let go and allow different experiences to slowly form the life path will be necessary to finding a happy, balanced life.


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