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Graceful, generous, and friendly, those born under the sign of the Crane are romantic dreamers to whom reality seems a dull chore. Cranes have big hopes and dreams for the future and believe that love can indeed conquer all. Though others may see them as unrealistic, members of this sign believe that life can be whatever they choose. They are enchanted by love, adventure, and excitement, but are usually too scared to take any real risks in life.

Typically Cranes prefer to become involved in the lives of others rather than strike out on their own. They are great listeners and loyal friends who value their personal relationships more than anything else. That said, Cranes also have great taste and have a deep admiration for luxurious things. They will often host lavish parties or events just to make others feel good, though they also have a tendency to take on too many social responsibilities, which they have a very hard time saying “no” to.

Cranes want life to be perfectly perfect, but deep down they know that life has its ups and downs. Members of this sign are among the best to have around for the ups, but are not particularly skilled at dealing with the downs. Deep down, Cranes are insecure and rely heavily on others to build their self-esteem. They believe strongly in treating others as they would like to be treated, but are often disappointed that nobody can match their impressive social efforts. This may leave Cranes feeling unappreciated and without the admiration and affection they feel they deserve.

If there is one thing that truly gets the core of a Crane is injustice. They can’t stand the thought of life being unfair and subconsciously base a lot of their decisions on the idea that they will get ahead in life by simply being a “good person”. When this doesn’t work out, they often become sullen, depressed, and lost in the world. Cranes need to understand that life, and the people in it, are not perfect, and that they don’t have to be either.


On a purely social level, Cranes are amazing friends to have around. Loyal, honest, diplomatic, peaceful, and hospitable, chances are good that a Crane will put a great deal of effort and planning into even the smallest of affairs. They are the friends who offer to bake a cake for every special occasion, who host parties for every major awards show, and who like to firmly plant themselves by your ear to hear all of your troubles and ease all of your pains.

At the same time, Cranes have a tendency to get overwhelmed easily, worry about unimportant things, and have trouble making decisions. Cranes want everything to be perfect all the time and will exhaust themselves trying to put their best foot forward. They care too much about what others think about them, which can come across as seeming both vain and insecure.

Love is much harder for members of this sign than are friendships. Friends accept the ups and downs that go along with every Crane’s personality, but potential partners may feel a disturbing lack of intimacy, especially over time. Cranes give so much to everyone else that they often want a partner who will simply take care of them at the end of the day. This often leads to an unbalanced relationship which in time may feel more like a business partnership than a romantic one.

Ideally, Cranes hope to find a powerful, wealthy partner who can take them on a whirlwind romance fit for the movies, but what they really need is a partner who can get them back on track when they get overwhelmed, who doesn’t enable their worries or moodiness, but who also doesn’t take those things personally. Cranes must be very careful not to rely on others to create their happiness for them. This is one of the key life lessons for this earnest but mercurial sign.

Careers & Goals

To be honest, this sign is not really made for labor. Even though it defies all of their internal rules about everything needing to be just and fair, Cranes really just want to live a grand and easy life. A lifetime full of sun by the pool would be perfect. For those fortunate enough to be born an heir to a great fortune, this will work out just fine, otherwise they will need to make their own way.

Cranes are highly socially aware and are often most energized when fighting for a good cause. Charity and social work are great fits for this sign. Cranes are good networkers and coordinators who have the compassion and empathy to make important changes in the world around them. They make great lawyers, politicians, and social workers, but also enjoy helping in the design of places and events. Jobs in interior design, event coordinating, and social networking are also very good choices for Cranes.


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