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Aries + Dog

Doberman Pinscher


Much like their animal namesake, members of the Doberman Pinscher sign are something of a contradiction. They can be dominant and aggressive one minute, then insecure and anxious the next. Dobermans are very focused individuals. Once they decide what they want, there is no stopping them. The only downside is that they don’t plan very well, and their impulsive actions can get them in trouble. They rarely worry about this, though, as they have a way of bouncing back from most bad situations.

Dobermans have trust issues that stem from their own naivety. They are consistently wary of what to trust because they have a tendency to believe anything they are told. Members of this sign are typically outgoing and adventurous, and think that everyone should be. They enjoy taking others with them on their adventures, acting as guide and helper, hoping and expecting that everyone else will enjoy it as much as they do.


Dobermans can be challenging to get along with. They mean well and like to offer advice to anyone who will listen, but they are often too forceful socially and have a tendency to alienate others despite their good intentions.

The biggest challenge members of this sign will face is in the realm of romance. Dobermans are naturally dominant in their relationships, and need someone who can keep up with their active lifestyle. Their trust issues tend to show themselves most in close relationships, where they can be overly possessive. When this causes distance between them and their partners they flip out and blow things out of proportion.

Despite their social difficulties, they are actually very caring. They will aggressively defend both people and beliefs that they care for and have a strong sense of justice. Those who can understand their inner needs and tolerate their bark need not be afraid of their bite. At the end of the day, Dobermans just want to be showered with affection, and will not hesitate to show their loyalty in return.

Careers & Goals

To be truly happy in their career, members of this sign must balance their sense of adventure with their inner humanitarian nature. Jobs where they can help others while living a bit dangerously suit them well. They also get restless easily, which is why careers as firefighters, EMTs, police officers, and pararescue jumpers are perfect for them.

For Dobermans who don’t fit into these types of jobs, the role of a lawyer is a good fit. Members of this sign love to argue and win, especially if they are defending the underdog. Their deep desire to see justice served fits well into the legal field, from law enforcement officer to lawyer or even prison warden.

For some Dobermans, no “regular” job will be enough. They care more about living life than money or status. It’s not a common career choice, but it would be just like a Doberman to set off sailing around the world, becoming a mountain climber, or simply wandering off and seeing where life takes them.


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