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Despite the name, people born under the sign of the Dodo are actually quite intelligent and have a thirst for learning new things. They have a childlike energy and though well-mannered can be a bit hyperactive at times. Like a child, they are infinitely curious and want to know everything about everything.

Like the now-extinct bird, members of the Dodo sign tend to be very naive, believing just about anything they are told. This comes from their trusting nature and assumption that people are always going to be nice and do the right thing. Luckily, they are also fairly resilient, and have a naturally positive outlook that helps them bounce back from disappointments.

Dodos have a “thirst for life” and love to chase new experiences, from climbing a mountain to tasting exotic food from a distant land. They are typically happy and energetic, but when they are down they can show a distinctly different side which will surprise those who know them. They can be angry, aggressive, judgmental and self-destructive. As long as they don’t stay in these moods for too long they should be able to live a fairly well balanced life.


The Dodo bird became extinct because it was too trusting of humans. It is said that it would fearlessly walk up to any person or creature and expect the best intentions. Of course, predators, including humans, saw them as an easy target for hunting. While having faith in humanity is not a bad thing, members of the Dodo sign must be cautious enough to see when others intend to take advantage of them.

Those born under this sign make great friends and are always willing to offer help to those in need, as long as the task is something that interests them. Though they like to be actively involved in the lives of their friends, Dodos have a hard time accepting help. They don’t like looking weak, and will take on far more than is reasonable just to appear self-sufficient.

Love is a little more challenging than friendships for the Dodo. They can be slightly immature and their constant desire for new experiences makes a long-term, stable relationship seem a bit undesirable. They are loyal, though, so the worst thing a Dodo can do is force themselves into a monogamous relationship before they are ready. You would rarely ever see a Dodo cheat on their partner, but it would be no surprise to see their relationships crumble due to their tendency to feel “trapped”. Members of this sign do best dating active, adventurous people like themselves and getting married or making a long-term commitment later in life when they are ready.

Careers & Goals

Some signs are easy to figure out careers for, but the Dodo is not one of them. While not at all lazy, this sign is simply better at playing than working. There is no one perfect career fit for them, so each Dodo should follow whatever activities that make them feel alive and intrigued. There may or may not be anybody hiring for whatever position they dream up, but a Dodo is smart and capable enough to make up their own career and succeed at it.

If they do look for an existing job, Dodos should pick something that feeds their curiosity first and their active side second. Jobs in scientific research are a good fit, though they may be too routine for this sign to handle for a long time. Many Dodos choose various forms of construction work to satisfy both sets of needs. This sign does not love being in school either, so those who look for work straight out of high school should consider this or another trade profession where they can be on the move and solving problems.


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