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Aquarius + Monkey



A combination of inner intelligence and an energetic sense of playfulness, Dolphins are lovable, active, and adaptable. At their best, members of this sign are curious tinkerers by day and everyone’s favorite drinking buddy by night. At their worst, Dolphins allow themselves to become nervous, confused, and overwhelmed in their work and become obnoxious pranksters to their friends.

Balance is a difficult act for the Dolphin. They have all the potential in the world to be great when they are focused, but too often second-guess their own natural intelligence and their world ends up crashing down around them. Simultaneously, Dolphins that become too focused on work end up burned out and resentful, while those who become too focused on play end up acting out in immature ways. Such is the life challenge of the Dolphin. Since they often have big ideas, their life goal is to reach their goals while balancing out any stresses with their fun, social side.

The good news is that Dolphins have lots of energy and are adaptable to changes around them. When they feel confident, there is little that they cannot achieve. As long as they stay interested, they can chase any dream. The only problem is that they have a hard time staying interested in one thing for too long. That’s why Dolphins often have many projects going at once. That way when they get bored with one they can move onto another.


Members of this sign need to have fun. It’s part of who they are, and who they will always be. The social life for a Dolphin is absolutely necessary, and they will seek out anyone who wants to hang out and have fun. Dolphins typically have either one big group of friends or several small, unassociated groups of friends. Since they are so naturally fun-loving and curious, people find members of this sign fascinating and great to have around. Dolphins love the nightlife, even if it just means bar-hopping with friends.

Love is a trickier matter. Dolphins are interesting and attractive and often draw in potential mates without even trying. They tend to be promiscuous in their youth and this trend tends to continue later in life than most of their peers. Dolphins are among the last to give up their partying ways. Long after all of their peers are married with children, Dolphins can often be found trying to squeeze a few more years out of their youth. Getting one to settle down is a challenge to any other sign, which is why other social signs tend to be compatible as they will have a higher tolerance for the sometimes immature behavior of the Dolphin. Members of this sign tend to be drawn toward intellectual mates, which creates a further challenge.

Careers & Goals

Dolphins are capable of doing so many different jobs that their biggest challenge in their career is choosing one that fits them. Again, this is an issue of balance. If a member of this sign chooses a career that is very intellectually driven, they will need to spend a lot of social time outside of work to balance out their inner needs. Similarly, if they choose a fun and fascinating career, they will likely have more intellectually driven hobbies, such as volunteering for political affairs or joining the Board of Directors for a local charity.

That said, there are some careers that seem to be better than others for Dolphins to consider. Dolphins make great airline employees. Any job from Air Traffic Controller to Pilot to Steward/Stewardess works for the various levels of the Dolphin’s intellectual and emotional needs. It’s also not uncommon for this sign to be interested in science, particularly the science-fiction type of science. They make great robotic and mechanical engineers as well as inventors. Many Dolphins dream of being part of a space program, from roles such as Astronaut to Ground Control to Spaceship Designer. These jobs are hard to come by, but for the right Dolphin, it may be the perfect career to chase.

More down-to-earth Dolphins may gravitate more toward a simpler career that they are good at. Jobs such as an Accountant or Academic Professor are great choices, though it’s not uncommon for members of this sign to get bored easily and want to move on to something different. As long as they balance out being responsible with letting loose and having fun, they will be just fine.


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