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Independent, temperamental, and restless, those born under the Primal Zodiac sign of the Dragonfly are powerful individuals who are determined to get what they want in life. Like their animal namesake, members of this sign are fast, energetic hunters whose power greatly outmatches their size.

Dragonflies are very passionate individuals. Their work ethic is second to none and combined with their forceful sense of determination, members of this sign are practically unstoppable. This is also one of the most resilient signs in the Primal Zodiac. Dragonflies cannot be held back by outside forces, period. Any obstacles in their way will be systematically removed as the Dragonfly pushes ever forward. They will only stop a project if they make a conscious decision to do so. Those who try to get in their way are wasting their time.

As confident as they might seem, members of this sign are somewhat insecure and are often unsure if they are moving in the right direction. Their inner drive makes it so that they constantly have to keep moving forward in some direction, even if it’s not one they are certain of. When others try to change the mind of a Dragonfly, they must realize that this cannot be done. Instead, one has to plant the seed of a decision in the mind of a Dragonfly, since the ultimate decision must be their own. This is a job best left to clever, intuitive types (such as the Frog or the Fox.)

It’s not hard to notice that Dragonflies have a hard time relaxing. They can be incredibly moody, especially when things don’t go their way, and have trouble letting their guard down. Dragonflies want to “win” at life, to prove that they are better than everyone else, and taking time to rest or meditate does not factor much into that equation. The internal push to seclude themselves and work on their projects has to be checked from time to time. Like anyone else, Dragonflies need to interact with others (in a non-work, non-competitive way) in order to maintain any balance in their lives.


Dragonflies have a brutally honest sense of humor that most people find funny but will most certainly offend others. That’s okay, though, because Dragonflies are not meant to be friends with everyone. They need friendly, open, and intuitive types to understand them, and though they can be loners in their work, they actually like being the center of attention from time to time. It is not unusual for Dragonflies to turn to substances such as alcohol to help them shift from work mode to social mode. As long as these substances don’t become abused, it is not likely that this will create many problems for them. If anything, the socializing will do more good for them than the substances will do bad.

Love is challenging for this sign, and is typically not as large of a priority as their career is. Dragonflies can be very intense in relationships, and loyalty is by far the most important trait in a partner. Those who burn a Dragonfly in love will never get a second chance. Members of this sign can allow themselves to be more spontaneous than usual in romance, though they can also be emotionally extreme and difficult to get to know well. Dragonflies like others to buy into the version of themselves that they market to the public and thus only slowly allow partners to get to know their true selves. Members of this sign are very passionate and dedicated in love, but again require more sensitive, intuitive types to bring them out of their shells. Dragonflies are also particularly weak to flattery.

Careers & Goals

Dragonflies have a hard time working for other people. To be successful, they need the flexibility to follow their instincts as well as their passions. Without the independence to do things their own way, members of this sign won’t stay happy for long. They will always be smarter than their bosses and will never feel properly appreciated, no matter what role they are put in (unless they are the boss). Ultimately the working conditions will matter more than the job itself, so Dragonflies would be wise to keep looking for new opportunities that fit them better.

Those born under this sign have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, yet they can become frustrated if others don’t realize the strength and potential of their ideas. For their business to succeed they will need the help of someone who can offer opposing strengths to fit their weaknesses (yes, they have those too). Since partnerships are not the most comfortable setup for a Dragonfly, many will choose to succeed within another company’s system. Possible career choices for Dragonflies include: Advertising executive, Salesman, Athlete, Bartender, Technician, Criminologist, Doctor, Surgeon, Hypnotist, Investigator, Pathologist, Researcher, or Scientist.


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