Primal Zodiac Sign of Earthworm
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There are few signs kinder than the Earthworm. Members of this sign are known for their compassion and sincerity. Despite their kind nature, Earthworms won’t let just anyone into their world. They are deep thinkers who can be extremely hard to get to know. They can often be found lost in thought, if they can be found at all. Earthworms feel most comfortable at home, and are often just fine daydreaming in silence by themselves, pondering the mysteries of life. They have a delicate nature that to many makes them seem fragile, but this is not the case. Earthworms are, in fact, quite resilient. They may bruise easily, but they rarely break.

Earthworms should be careful not to get taken advantage of. Some people see their generosity as a weakness and this often leads to hurt feelings or heartbreak. Like their animal namesake, the Earthworm can take a lot of punishment and keep going. This is because they have a deep belief in who they are, and who they aspire to be. This longing for meaning often takes them on several journeys through life, always searching for a place, or a person, to create a home with.


People from this sign are extremely inconsistent in their love lives. They can fall in love at first sight or be completely unable to take relationships to the next level, depending on where they are mentally and emotionally at the time. From the outside, there seems to be little rhyme or reason to their choices, but they always know why they feel the way they feel, even if they can’t express it in words.

Earthworms take friendships seriously, and often hold a few people close to them for the long-haul while the flighty side of them seeks new relationships to fulfill their ever changing emotional needs. When they are feeling happy and adventurous, Earthworms are very attractive to others, often without even realizing it. These relationships can dissipate just as fast when the tide changes and the Earthworm burrows down into its home for extended periods of time. It hardly bothers them, though, as Earthworms have an easy time connecting with new people.

Careers & Goals

There are many careers that Earthworms are good at. Because they are such deeper thinkers and not big talkers, they often excel at process-oriented tasks that require a lot of knowledge. The giving side of Earthworms often leads them toward careers in medicine. The life of a doctor can be overwhelming for the fragile heart of an Earthworm, though, and a nurse’s role is often too social to make them feel comfortable. Where Earthworms truly shine in the medical field is in the role of a Pharmacist. This job fulfills the analytical and helpful sides of this sign while allowing them the emotional distance that can keep them feeling happy and motivated.
For Earthworms who are not so medically inclined, the need for analytical thinking will likely best take the form of number-crunching. Earthworms make fantastic Accountants. They understand what takes place behind the numbers and have a natural talent for making finances flow in the right direction. A career as an accountant for the public satisfies the Earthworm’s need to be helpful as well as allows them to use their natural intelligence.


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