Primal Zodiac Sign of Ferret
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Those born under the Primal Zodiac sign of the Ferret are playful, fun-loving, and rambunctious. Members of this sign wear their hearts on their sleeves. You will always know what a Ferret is thinking or feeling. Thankfully they are usually in a good mood and tend to perceive life as a challenging game that they are eager to win.

As natural leaders with a creative intelligence to match their curiosity, they perform surprisingly well in the business world. Of course, they have to be interested in what they are doing for this to be true. Ferrets are known to quit jobs as soon as they become boring, but they are such great networkers that they can always find another one quickly.

Ferrets can be overly concerned with feeling good, which leads some people to think of them as self-centered. In truth, they are a bit too self-involved, but they are also a sign that cannot function when they are out of balance. A Ferret’s mood affects everyone around them, good or bad, so it’s better to give this sign what it needs to be happy.


Ferrets usually have a large social circle. They are extremely sociable, love to go out and have fun, and also love playing practical jokes on their friends. It’s easy to see why more introverted signs find them annoying, but it is usually because others are jealous of the Ferret’s ability to enjoy their life at seemingly every moment. Friends and family truly adore members of this sign and though their energy can be impossible to keep up with, they are generally kind and caring individuals who genuinely want the best for those they are close to.

Members of this sign fall in love easily and often. They are led by their hearts, but are also easily hurt and offended by rejection. They simply cannot understand how everyone else cannot love their fun and quirky personality. Luckily they move on quickly, but will hold an everlasting grudge against those who have deeply and intentionally hurt them. Like their animal namesake, Ferrets need time to mature before they find a lasting relationship that they can stick with. Those born under this Primal Zodiac sign would be wise to keep relationships light and easy until they are a bit older (late 20-s, early 30-s) before settling down.

Careers & Goals

Most people worry what their goofball Ferret friend or relative is going to do for money. Sure, Ferrets can be more successful than most in roles people expect them to play, such as actors or stand-up comedians, but they are also surprisingly good at taking charge of situations when they are deeply interested. “Deeply Interested” is the key phrase here. Surprisingly, they don’t have to be in the spotlight in order to find their work fulfilling.

Three particular careers fit this sign perfectly, depending on where each individual's interest lies. Ferrets who like the entertainment business but want to play a role outside of acting make terrific film directors. Even as directors and producers of independent movies, this is a sign that excels in expressing their vast creative vision. For those who prefer an artistic career with a little more stability (yes, they also have a practical side), a career as an art dealer can be immensely satisfying. Not only do they appreciate art, but they also are natural salespeople who are great at sharing their excitement and passion with buyers.

The third, and perhaps most surprising, option is a career as a stockbroker. Ferrets don’t love the minutiae of corporate finance, but they do love a challenging game - and what game has bigger risk and reward than the stock market? This sign has a natural instinct for understanding the human and emotional element behind stock fluctuations, and though they seem to play the game their own way, they often outperform peers with more prestigious education and experience.


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