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Those born under the sign of the Fox are elegant, charming, and impossible to ignore. Whether you love them or hate them, Foxes have a natural ability to influence others without trying. Members of this sign are born leaders but are also extremely independent. They are wise and cunning, and don’t take risks until they have thoroughly evaluated the situation. Others know to follow a Fox’s lead even though Foxes rarely try to recruit followers.

Members of this sign have amazing intuition. Not only can they read social situations well, they also know exactly what other people want to hear. This is not to say that they are phony in any way. In fact, this is one of the most genuine signs you will ever meet. Rather, Foxes choose what to say and when to say it with great care. They never just blurt out what they are thinking except when they are around those they trust completely. Trust and betrayal are huge concerns of this sign - they are loyal and honest with those they care about and demand that this trust be returned. Ironically they are gifted liars - a trait that they only put to use when they deem it necessary.

Foxes are ambitious when it comes to what they want. They work and play exceptionally well, as long as the work and play interest them. Nothing is worse for this sign than being forced to do something they don’t like. In honesty, Foxes are only really interested in being comfortable, which usually means relaxing and talking with friends. They can only relax, however, when they feel that they are in control of their lives. If they are having financial, relationship, career, health, or any other challenges, they simply cannot rest until they’ve made things right. This trait helps them work hard to get to a successful place in their lives, but it can also make them anxious and controlling when progress is happening too slowly for their liking.


Socially adept and friendly, members of this sign draw people to themselves like a magnet. Foxes are great friends and are usually very popular. They are friendly, easy-going, encouraging, and funny, but they can also have a dark side that comes out if they feel that they have lost control over a situation or relationship. An unbalanced Fox can be domineering, over-dramatic, stubborn, and vain. When this happens they retreat to a safe place until balance is restored. Foxes can leave bad relationships behind with surprising ease, as they always have other friends and family to turn to.

Those born under this sign are lucky in love. In fact, they are lucky in general, though one could argue that this “luck” is really an effect of their excellent intuition. Like any venture, they need time to evaluate relationships before they take them too far. Once they fall, though, they fall hard. A Fox in love is giving and generous, but also requires a lot of attention. They demand nothing but the highest levels of trust and faithfulness from their partner, which they will give freely in return. Should a Fox ever be betrayed by a lover, they will never forgive or forget. Members of this sign should take care to maintain their personal balance when in a relationship. They don’t share control of their lives easily and must learn how to achieve the necessary balance in their relationships as they do in their individual lives.

Careers & Goals

Members of this sign have expensive taste. They don’t need the top of the line, mind you, but whatever they buy will generally be of high quality. They find both cheap and ostentatious presentations equally tacky. They don’t have to be rich, but they cannot ever be poor. That said, Foxes need to work in careers where they can be social, influential, and able to lose themselves in their work.

The most natural career choices for this sign are as teachers, professors, publicists, or public relations executives. While these may seem like completely different careers, they are all highly social, require influence over others, provide a platform to share ideas, are in a leadership position, and most importantly - to do them well requires a knack for having people want to follow your lead.

Of course there are many other careers out there that require these skills. Foxes naturally gravitate toward what they are good at and what they feel comfortable doing. If a job doesn’t fit, it will be terrible for a Fox’s balance. Doing something they enjoy, or at least feel content with, is vital to this balance. Luckily members of this sign have little trouble succeeding in whatever field they choose, and they will rarely ever make a bad choice. That’s just not a Fox’s way.


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