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Golden Retriever


Loyal, kind, and optimistic, those born under the sign of the Golden Retriever are easy to like. Often traditional or religious, they believe that if they stick to their values, the universe will respond generously. The only problem is that they aren’t as perfect as they tend to think they are.

Golden Retrievers have strong opinions as well as a sense of adventure. They imagine that in another life they would have been a knight in shining armor, ready to sacrifice it all to save the kingdom. Members of this sign genuinely have good intentions, but they are also a bit too judgmental and defensive, particularly when it comes to political or religious belief systems. Though they genuinely do a lot of good for the community surrounding them, they can also be dogmatic in their beliefs and so self-righteous in their views that they can put a lot of other people off.

Justice and fairness are important to Golden Retrievers, but again this all depends on their viewpoint of what is fair or not. They strongly believe that their perspective on life is not opinion but fact and that others, if they were smart enough, should agree completely with their views on life. They simply cannot understand why anyone would think differently when the answer seems so obvious to them.

Also, Golden Retrievers tend to make rash decisions based on emotion rather than logic. They believe that they are worthy of good luck and good fortune and that others will come to their aid should they fall. When things don’t work out they can be moody and depressed, wondering why life is not fair. They must remember that a positive outlook alone can not make up for poor decision-making.

Though they tend to be family and community oriented, Golden Retrievers need independence, especially if they are upset about something. They love to help others in need, and can always be relied upon to do the “right thing”. They are honest and loyal friends who are idealists at heart. To achieve better balance in life, they simply need to accept that there is no right or wrong way to live life. Only then can they see that it is not an universal injustice when someone disagrees with their beliefs, it is just that everyone has the right to have a different opinion on life.
Especially as they get older, Golden Retrievers are likely to seek out adventure in their lives, and will try out “extreme” hobbies like snowboarding, bungee jumping, or skydiving, to name a few. Golden Retrievers like few things more than the thrill of controlled danger.


Golden Retrievers are completely loyal and eager to please. They are nice people whose earnestness earns them the respect of their peers. Though they are not always the most graceful socially, they more than make up for it by being big-hearted, generous, and dedicated to their friends and families.

In love, members of this sign will likely have a dominant partner with similar views and opinions as their own. They don’t mind being tied down to a partnership as long as they get to feel independent - like having a night out with friends or going on a motorcycle trip (even if they’ve never been interested in motorcycles before). Partners need to recognize that this is an important part of their character and if they get too boxed in they will mope around and be miserable. If their partners will let them feel like they are in charge every once in a while (even if they are not), this will go a long way.

With family they tend to be stern but playful. They are most certainly the “fun parent”, but also the one that sets the rules. They want their kids to be just like them, if not better. They seek to instill a sense of fairness and idealism in their children, and like to lead by example. Golden Retrievers genuinely believe that they are doing the right thing and that others would be wise to follow in their footsteps.

Careers & Goals

Golden Retrievers do best when they can turn their personal passions into a career. Because justice is so important to them (as is being right all the time), many members of this sign turn toward careers in justice. As lawyers, judges, and police officers, they can help create the polite society that they have always dreamed of.

Those born under this sign are also humanitarians by nature, as well as idealists, and many are involved either in the church or in charities close to home. This is a natural fit for this sign, which is why they tend to be drawn toward careers as teachers, social workers, or pastors. Even those with careers as homemakers may not be satisfied without getting involved in a local charity. Golden Retrievers like to manage small community affairs such as writing for the neighborhood newsletter or being on a committee for local social reform.


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