Primal Zodiac Sign of Gorilla
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Those born under the Primal Zodiac sign of Gorilla are defined by their big energy. They are show-stealers by design: outgoing, energetic, and clever. They are usually cheerful, and enjoy being the “life of the party.” That said, Gorillas are also egotistical, and their aggressive desire for attention can become overwhelming to others.

Bars and pubs are places that Gorillas like to frequent. Members of this sign tend to enjoy consuming alcohol in social situations, but aren’t always the nicest drunks. They are happy when all eyes and ears are on them, but if ignored, they can be pouty and mean.

Gorilla is a very active sign. They enjoy physical activity and express themselves best through physical outlets. This is so true for members of this sign, that if they don’t get enough physical activity they can become depressed and angry. If this happens, everyone around will know it. Gorillas don’t bother hiding their emotions, which actually suits them well, since they often just need to get whatever is bothering them out. They need to be careful not to stay in a funk for too long, though, as these moods (amplified by their natural energy) can easily drive away those around them.


As mentioned, Gorillas love attention, and usually they are so fun and outgoing that their energy is infectious to those around them. They may push away some people with their big personalities, but they don’t care. They only really care about those who “get them”, and there are plenty of those people around. They are highly social and are often in a good mood. They like being in big groups with a limited amount of other big personalities.

Though they will often have many people they consider friends, the relationships made by Gorillas tend to be quite shallow. It doesn’t escape those around them that they really make friends just so they have somebody to worship them. When friendships decay, the Gorilla usually takes off to find someone new to entertain. Deep down, others realize that the Gorilla really only cares about himself, so they keep an emotional distance as well.

This unfortunately extends most heavily to the love life of this sign. While they have little trouble attracting potential mates, long-term relationships rarely work out well. The same issue occurs in relationships as it does with friends. Gorillas simply have superficial relationships. They seem great at first, often feeding off of the big energy of the connection, but they never seem to go anywhere from there.

When their mates want to settle down, the Gorilla wants to keep on moving. Everyone involved eventually realizes that there was never anything real holding the relationship together, and they part ways. This repeats itself again and again in the lives of this sign, ending only when the Gorilla allows himself to accept a more calm and secure life. Of course, this too has its price.

Careers & Goals

Despite their tendency to be outgoing and social, Gorillas also show an analytical side in their careers. They are good problem-solvers, and as long as they stay interested, this side of them can really shine in their careers. It’s not likely that they will be able to sit quietly at a desk for a long time, so a job that keeps them moving both physically and mentally works well with their endless energy. This can take many forms, such as criminal investigator, sports coach, urban planner, or stockbroker.

Not all Gorillas will be interested in tapping their analytical side. For those who would rather be out and about making money and friends, sales is a perfect career choice. Their tendency to be overly forthcoming and aggressive in social situations actually works perfectly in sales negotiations. What can be interpreted socially as overbearing may be seen as confidence in the business world.


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