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Aquarius + Sheep



Of all of the Primal Zodiac signs, Handfish are most likely to be considered “strange”. Like their animal namesake, members of this sign like to do things their own way, which often baffles others. Any of the Primal Zodiac signs that fall under the sun sign of Aquarius are a bit eccentric, but this sign in particular is the least understood. This is mostly because Handfish are the least likely to explain themselves.

Though they are actually very friendly, they tend to be quiet and reserved, and feel perfectly comfortable living in their own wild fantasies. Though they seem shy, members of the Handfish sign actually prefer being in a group situation; they are simply content to let others have the spotlight while they observe, ready to contribute to the group when asked.

Not surprisingly, Handfish are extremely creative thinkers. They have enormous imaginations and are always coming up with new ideas. You’ll often find a Handfish staring out the window or off into the distance. In these times they are lost deep in their own thoughts, and often live more of their life in their mind than outside of it. This can be a challenge for them in social, career, and education environments. They are usually very smart and get through school despite not ever paying attention to their instructor. They do best in careers where their minds are challenged, and where they can have time to think before they act.

While usually quite serene, Handfish can be prone to anxiety. When this happens, it tends to spiral their worlds out of control. Strong anxiety left unchecked can be mentally toxic to a Handfish, and thus they should be careful not to lose touch with reality, which they have a natural tendency to do.


They know they don’t exactly fit in with the crowd, but those who take the time to get to know a Handfish find them to be absolutely fascinating. They make great friends, are always interesting, and generally go with the flow. They tend to work best in groups where they can be “the quiet one” and not have too much pressure to be social except when they feel like it. They tend to attract big, often loud personalities who take great joy in being the group leader while Handfish take great joy in being led. This is not to say they are pushovers, though. They will stick to their guns if situations become uncomfortable for them, and they will say “no” if asked to do something they don’t think is right.

Handfish will likely have a harder time meeting the right kind of people for them when they are younger. A lot of the reason is because their peers are more interested in following the crowd, while Handfish don’t mind being outcasts. As others grow up, though, members of this sign will find it easier and easier to build relationships. While they typically draw in more outgoing friends, they usually do best with a partner who is more reserved. They care far more about connecting on a mental level than a physical one, and will seek out someone who they can share ideas with. Handfish usually end up in long-term relationships and have little to no desire to venture outside of a marriage.

Careers & Goals

Careers are tough for a Handfish, because employers tend to like employees to do things the way they tell them to. This doesn’t really work well for members of this sign, who greatly prefer to do things the way they see best. Usually the Handfish is right, and their way is better, but exercising this preference doesn’t normally go over well with their boss. On top of that, members of this sign are easily bored with routine, so working in the same place doing the same thing day after day is rarely ever something a Handfish can stand doing for long.

Having a natural knack for school, Handfish usually thrive in a collegiate environment, which is good for them because a higher education is usually necessary for the kinds of jobs they would be most happy in. They love solving complex problems, which makes them great physicists, robotic engineers, psychologists, professors, scientists, and doctors.

Not all Handfish are meant for higher education though. These are typically the more artistic oriented of the sign (versus the more scientifically/intellectually-oriented). Those who have a more artistic bent usually accept having a somewhat boring job that they can do well at without much effort, and spend the rest of their time developing new ideas through art. They are often talented painters, musicians, and writers. Handfish love science fiction and fantasy, and their artistic interpretations often use these genres as inspiration.


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