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Those born under the sign of the Hedgehog are friendly, reserved, stylish, and sensitive. Like their animal namesake they can be shy and defensive, especially in unfamiliar situations, but once they open up to you they are great friends to have around.

It usually takes a while to get to know a Hedgehog. It’s not because they are unfriendly or impolite - in fact they value manners and politeness very highly - it’s just that they don’t talk about themselves very much and tend to be very uncomfortable in unfamiliar places or with unfamiliar people. Those with the patience to get to know them on their terms will find them to be very warm, friendly, and well-mannered. They don’t like to say bad things about anyone, and equally don’t like bad things said about them. If you become very close friends with a Hedgehog you will find that they are welcoming hosts, engaging conversationalists, and imaginative thinkers with a lot more to say than one would expect.

Hedgehogs like to do things their own way and on their own terms. They are surprisingly stubborn and determined for having such an easygoing nature. They don’t need to brag about how good they are at something - they just go out and succeed. Hedgehogs have creative minds and are more ambitious than they appear. While others are out socializing, Hedgehogs often spend a lot of time on their own mastering their craft or learning a new skill.


Hedgehogs don’t particularly like loud or boisterous people, nor are they fond of overly dramatic types who like to stir up trouble. Though they often belong to a group of friends (in which they are considered the “quiet” or “sensitive” one), members of this sign prefer small groups of close friends hanging out in a familiar setting. By “familiar setting” this often means their own home, which is always well put together and stylishly decorated. The truth is Hedgehogs are at their best when they are hosting a small group of friends or family.

When it comes to love, the biggest challenge for members of this sign is that they can be hard to get to know. Many people mistakenly give up trying to get close to a Hedgehog because they believe they are not interested. In many cases, it just takes time to get to know these subtle individuals, and probably a bit of patient effort as well. Once a Hedgehog has fallen in love, though, there is nobody more dedicated and loyal. This is a sign that considers those closest to them as family and will do anything to protect these relationships.

Careers & Goals

Hedgehogs like nice things, and more than that, they like to make things nicer. Pretty much any career that fits in this mold is a great fit for this sign. They make great antique and art dealers, fashion designers, make-up artists, interior designers, florists, and gardeners. Anything having to do with making the home or the person it more beautiful is a match made in Heaven for this creative and tasteful sign.

Of course, Hedgehogs are capable of succeeding in most any career they choose, but they would do best to avoid working for others in sales, customer service, or retail situations that don’t involve art, antiques, clothes, beauty products, or the like. Having to follow a script and try to please others under a corporate banner is just not in the DNA of this sign. Furthermore, they will only be happy if they get to exercise their creativity in some way.


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