Primal Zodiac Sign of Hummingbird
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In nature, hummingbirds move so fast that they seem to defy the laws of physics. This is an apt metaphor for the Primal Zodiac sign of Hummingbird - a sign whose members are constantly moving and darting from place to place. Those born under this sign are full of energy. They want to do everything and do it on a grand scale. When they come up with a goal, they immediately follow it, unconcerned with whether or not it is reasonable or even possible. To a Hummingbird, anything is possible, at least as long as they are the ones doing it.

It’s hard to get a member of this sign to change their mind. They are constantly thinking, constantly doing, and they have an enormous amount of self-confidence. Sometimes this can get them into trouble since they often leap before they look, but they are also a lucky sign whose unbridled belief in themselves causes most situations to work out in their favor.

Hummingbirds need to be in control. They don’t like taking orders and usually decide to do things their own way no matter what the orders are. They also love to talk, and are often gossiping about others. This isn’t done to be rude, it’s just that the Hummingbird loves to be the one to get to share new information. Finding out through the grapevine is not their style.


Hummingbirds are usually very popular, if not polarizing. They tend to have quite a few followers, but other less confident signs may find them arrogant and self-centered. Not that a Hummingbird would care. In fact, they might even agree with the statement and be proud of it. People are intrigued if not fascinated by the Hummingbird, but though they have many friends, they don’t allow many of their relationships to get too deep. If they did, they wouldn’t have enough time to give to all of their “best friends”.

Members of this sign value love, but not more than they value themselves. They can have difficulty in relationships because they often spread themselves too thin socially and take on too many commitments. There is never enough time in the day to be a Hummingbird, and this often has a negative effect on close relationships. Others are prone to feel dismissed by the self-involved Hummingbird, making serious relationships challenging. As with anything else, this sign is capable of deep and great love as long as it makes it a priority. With such a busy schedule, this will be one of the most challenging aspects of a Hummingbird’s life.

Careers & Goals

It’s uncommon for Hummingbirds to define themselves by only one career. Usually this sign has several different businesses or professions going on at once. Unless they are in a very high level position at a company, they will probably always be doing something else on the side. This sign loves the thought of being an entrepreneur, but they tend to be more interested in starting projects than finishing them. Once the excitement of the business slows down, they will likely be more interested in moving on to something new, which rarely leads to long-term success.

Instead, the Hummingbird should look for either small jobs that it can combine into one career or set their sights on a big job, such as President of a company or maybe even a country. The big goal will always keep them motivated, but several small goals will always keep them interested. Either way, this sign loves to talk, loves to be in charge, and loves to win.

Fame is always a driving force for this sign, even on a small scale. Many Hummingbirds become local celebrities by becoming news anchors, reporters, or even war correspondents. This is actually a good fit for this sign because they get to constantly be on the move gossiping, I mean reporting, about what’s going on around them. Careers in advertising are also good fits for this sign.


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