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Virgo + Snake



In the animal kingdom, there are different kinds of jellyfish. Some live near the surface, having only rare interaction with the limited world within their reach. Some live in the deep sea, and these jellyfish are more quiet and submissive, but in the darkness that surrounds them they glow bright with radiant colors in a spectacular show that is unmatched in the animal kingdom. Some are even giants, slowly flowing through life on their own journey in their own time. All are so brilliantly mysterious that even defining them seems like a challenge.

Like their animal namesakes, those born under the Primal Zodiac sign of the Jellyfish may sometimes strike out, but are typically quiet and keep to themselves. These are people who are deeply intellectual, swimming through the waters of their own mind, but cautious enough to warn outsiders not to get too close too quickly. For humans born under the sign of the Jellyfish, their sting is just a warning - don’t get too close unless you are willing to risk getting hurt.

Jellyfish are independent and instinctive, yet elegant and discrete. Everyone born under this sign has incredible intuition. They are not only excellent at logically dissecting and examining a situation but they also have a sort of “sixth sense” for understanding what is subconsciously driving certain people in certain directions. Members of this sign create their universe as they go. Their perception of “what is” is more important than what others, even experts, declare as truth. This brilliant and mysterious sign is known for their dedication to their own uniquely creative approach to life.

Many Jellyfish have sensitive stomachs and digestive systems and must pay close attention to the things they eat and drink and how it makes them feel. Because of this Jellyfish tend to be more focused on diet and nutrition than the average person. They also tend to be more sensitive to changes in the weather than usual.


Socially, Jellyfish are somewhat elusive. They enjoy being social but will be the first to pull themselves out of a social situation that isn’t giving them what they need. They make good friends because they care about those close to them, but they can also be opinionated, possessive, and even manipulative, especially when it comes to their friends' relationships. This is not ill-intentioned in any way. Jellyfish just feel compelled by what they believe is right in their hearts and have little tolerance for those who allow themselves to be taken advantage of.

Ironically Jellyfish are also known to repeat relationship mistakes of the past. They will try to make a relationship work if it seems to make sense intellectually. They do have limits, though, and once their fine line is crossed, they will cut people out of their lives and retreat to greater depths where they can take time to reconsider what they want. It may take time for a member of this sign to find the right partner for them. They can be elusive in new relationships, showing a potential partner only what they want them to see. Jellyfish can also be judgmental and should be careful not to dismiss potential partners for insignificant faults that can be worked out over time. Love life will be challenging but adventurous, and only time will tell if the romantic side or the independent side of the Jellyfish wins out in the end.

Careers & Goals

Because they are not as loud and outgoing as many of their peers, Jellyfish have to learn how to stand out from the crowd. Luckily they are smart enough not to believe in faking their way to success or creating hype around themselves. All Jellyfish need to do is whatever it is they do best. Each has a niche and a special path in their lives to follow. Each is gifted in different ways.

If there is one word to describe the career strength of a Jellyfish it is: investigator. Combining their sharp observation and analytical skills with their exceptional intuition, few signs are as capable of completing a thorough investigative analysis as this one. How they choose to use this skill can vary depending on their personal interests, but it should always include a human element as that is the strength of the Jellyfish. Examples of such jobs are psychologist, police detective, auditor, dietician, sociologist, or even astrologer.

No matter what career they choose, this is a sign that must trust their instincts and not be afraid to express themselves. Those who can bypass the fear of rejection will find that there are others out there who desperately want what they uniquely have to offer.


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