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Those born under the sign of the Kangaroo can be difficult to figure out. On one hand they appear to be relatively friendly, hard-working individuals who work too much and are always focused on something else. Get in the way of their goals, though, and watch out. Few signs have the explosive temper of the Kangaroo. They don’t mean to offend, but the hot-headed and heavy-hearted Kangaroo lives in an inner world of extremes and has a hard time realizing that others don’t see everything that is going on behind their focused exterior. To this sign, life is a battle that must be won at all costs, and anyone not with them must be against them.

Members of this sign are obsessed with the future. More accurately, they are obsessed with their future success. Few signs are as determined as the Kangaroo. Once they have decided to achieve a goal they will pour themselves into the challenge, often working late into the night to follow through on an idea before it slips away.

Kangaroos are much more creative than they seem from the outside. The combination of innovative thinking and a stubborn yet passionate drive often overwhelms a Kangaroo’s senses. They have a hard time staying balanced between working and living, which they too often view as the same thing.

In truth, Kangaroos just want to be admired and appreciated. They know that few others are capable of matching their ambition and motivation, and since they appreciate these qualities more than any others they can’t understand why those around them don’t seem to acknowledge their efforts. These traits are indeed admirable and even impressive to some, but what Kangaroos fail to realize is that those close to them prefer the rare opportunity of having them present in the moment over getting to share in their future success.


When they do relax, this is one of the most enjoyable signs to spend time with. Kangaroos are meant to be social. They are naturally great conversationalists, can make others feel at ease, and are excellent hosts. Their creative minds and deep interests in unusual subjects make them many people’s favorite guests at social gatherings. It’s really a shame that Kangaroos choose to spend so little time truly engaging with other people. Once they’ve gotten lost in their work they can change dramatically into stubborn, irritable, hot-tempered, frustrated individuals with little patience for distractions. Close friends and family learn to live with this, but for others it can be off-putting.

Success in love is entirely up to the Kangaroo. They have everything it takes to be successful - a natural charm, a deep connection to their passions, and a romantic sensibility. They fall in love fast and hard, and deeply desire to succeed in relationships as much as they do in their work. Relationships become challenged, though, by a Kangaroo’s stubborn need for success. Even though they see their work as a necessary path to supporting their family, they have a hard time realizing how much their obsessive working affects their relationships.

Not only are they off in their own worlds most of the time, but they often also let stresses from one part of their lives affect the other. Trouble at work makes them moody, volatile, and difficult to be around at home. This creates more stress at home which they then find affects their work, creating a snowball effect that can quickly blow everything out of proportion. Kangaroos need to find a balance within themselves if they ever want to achieve balance with someone else.

Careers & Goals

With their drive and determination a Kangaroo can truly succeed at anything they choose to do. However, certain careers make for better fits than others. Kangaroos are very independent. Whatever they do, they need to make sure that they are not unnecessarily slowed down or held back from doing what they know they need to do. Bureaucratic careers in government organizations or big businesses can easily stifle and frustrate the eager Kangaroo, bringing out their famous temper that does not fare well for these types of careers.

Ironically, though they need freedom and independence, it is most healthy for Kangaroos to work with other people. This helps keep them balanced and gives them a way to express themselves outwardly instead of bottling up their frustrations inside. Kangaroos are naturally talented in marketing. Careers in advertising, public relations, and the like are among the best fits for this sign. Those who don’t enjoy these lines of work can always succeed in selling their individual services on a freelance basis - whatever their specific talents and focus may be.