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Capricorn + Tiger

Komodo Dragon


Hard working, passionate, and idealistic, those born under the sign of Komodo Dragon have much in common with their animal namesake. The proverbial “big fish in a small pond”, members of this sign have little true competition in life. They take what they want when they want it and practically dare anyone else to try to stop them. Strong, proud, and resourceful, Komodo Dragons are aware that playing to their strengths gets them ahead, but it can also have some less than ideal side effects.

Others may find the intensity of the Komodo Dragon overwhelming. This sign combines the patience and determination of Capricorn with the outspoken intensity of the Chinese Zodiac’s Tiger. Combined they are a powerful force, particularly when personal passion and idealism drives their motives. Thus, Komodo Dragons can be intimidating to others. They can become dictators to their followers, constantly demanding more and more output in less and less time. At the same time, they have the internal resources to counteract this. Capricorn can extend its patience to others, and despite the quick temper, Tiger is actually quite the humanitarian at heart.

It can be quite a task to manage the Komodo Dragon’s passion. As expected, this is a sign that loves to work hard, often diving into projects with a do-or-die attitude. From this they expect both a sizable return on their investments and an equal buy-in from followers and employees. Anyone who brings less than 100% to the table will be tongue-lashed accordingly, and like the giant lizard, those born under the sign of Komodo Dragon have toxic mouths.

Success is so important to a Komodo Dragon that it comes before nearly anything else in their lives, making social and romantic relationships all the more difficult. Members of this sign enjoy being around people, and even like being the center of attention a lot of the time. If they can learn to choose their words more carefully they can drastically affect the buy-in of their followers and achieve an otherwise elusive balance in their lives.


The social world is where the two paired signs (Capricorn and Tiger) contradict one another the most. Though impatient, emotional, and intense, Tiger is also gregarious, fun-loving, and affectionate, when they can relax, that is. It often takes a workplace victory for them to allow such a celebration to take place, but not always. Tigers are also an idealistic humanitarian who will fight for what they believe in. Depending on other aspects of the birth chart, the focus towards or away from an active social life can be quite dramatic. This is a sign that would do well to know their life path, so as not to waste time chasing the wrong kinds of success.

Others usually know pretty quickly if a romantic relationship with a Komodo Dragon is going to work. They typically have little trouble attracting others with their energy alone. Their rebellious sense of humor and surprising sincerity (when they allow it to be shown) are guaranteed to attract potential mates, yet long term romantic relationships can be difficult. Komodo Dragons can be optimistic and brimming with joy one day and suspicious, moody, and indifferent the next. They are, however, always confident and influential, making short term relationships easy, but long term relationships more difficult. Those who seek a true long-term romantic partnership will have to learn to control their emotions better.

Careers & Goals

Work is most likely going to be the focus on a Komodo Dragon’s life. Always “looking for action”, they have to be working on some kind of project toward advancement at all times. Work is good for them in many ways. The right career means a place where they can use their energy to accomplish their goals. A career that fits them both mentally and financially can provide them with the sense of achievement that they crave.

Being in charge is where they feel they need to be, mostly because they don’t like being subordinates to those less intelligent or determined as they are. CEO or Office Manager positions are natural fits for this sign, and many will choose entrepreneurial ventures or businesses where they are the focus (such as performer, radio or television host, or consultant).

While hard work and career progress is good for them in many ways, members of this sign can easily let their job take over their life. With such high personal rewards involved and potential difficulty in personal relationships, it’s not hard to see why Komodo Dragons often prefer to be alone with their work rather than indulging in love or friendship. The problem is that everyone, even Komodo Dragons, need a balance in their lives to feel fulfilled and complete and just as someone with no career and many relationships, this self-focused sign might find their lives feeling far more empty than they appear that they should be. Human interaction on a deep and personal level is important, even for these individuals.


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