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Gemini + Snake



Lemurs know how to express themselves. Their grasp of language is second to none and they can use this to get what they want in life. They aren’t particularly boisterous or loud (unless they’ve had a few drinks, then look out), but they know what to say and when to say it. Lemurs are also excellent writers. No matter what form or language they choose, this sign can always argue their point with grace and poise.

Perhaps because of this natural talent they can also be a bit manipulative. Lemurs are naturally deep thinkers, but they can be moody, and this combination can lead to imaginative fantasies about how others are doing them wrong or how they are not getting what they deserve in life. The side effect is often anger, jealousy and other unnecessary drama. Lemurs never forget a slight, and will plot their revenge for months, though they rarely actually act on these fantasies. More likely they will use their vast vocabulary to chastise their enemies with sharp words and scathing rebukes.

It’s true that Lemurs can be led to superficiality. All that strategizing and persuading their way into getting what they want can cause them to forget what’s really important in life. Luckily members of this sign are good at recognizing when they are out of balance and will usually disappear from acquaintances for a time until they can realign themselves.


Lemurs make great friends. They always have something interesting to say and have a great sense of humor that keeps others entertained. Lemurs are naturally witty and clever, but they also know what people need to hear and when they need to hear it. They can play anyone perfectly into thinking that they are intensely intrigued by their life story, but deep down this may or may not be the truth. Lemurs make others like them instinctively, but this is not always genuine. They may be a friend to your face but an enemy behind your back. If this is the case, start thinking about what you did to upset them because a Lemur never forgets.

Love is more challenging for this sign. Lemurs like to control their relationships, though in a subtle way, and love is an area where they can easily lose this control. Speaking to someone that they want to impress is the one time that Lemurs can get tongue-tied, which is why they often avoid potential partners rather than engage them with their wit. Nonetheless, true love will eventually break through their false front and get inside to the real person. For long-term happiness, this is one relationship where Lemurs will have to learn how to compromise and understand the perspectives of others rather than try to win the argument. This is indeed a challenge for them, but the return on such an investment is one of the greatest imaginable.

Careers & Goals

Not surprisingly, Lemurs make excellent linguists, language teachers, professors, writers, and humorists. They have a gift for prose and while this can get them far in other avenues it is always at the core of their being. Members of this sign will always be interested in writing, speaking, and foreign languages whether they use it professionally or not. So why not make money at something you’re good at?

Those who are less interested in being directly involved with language can make good use of their natural communication skills. Lemurs are excellent managers as they are always able to communicate their needs to their employees but are also politically savvy enough to manage office politics, bosses, investors, and upset clients. They may hate playing these games, but they know that they have a talent for pleasing everyone around them, even if just on the surface.


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