Primal Zodiac Sign of Mongoose
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In the animal kingdom the mongoose is famous for taking on venomous snakes - a feat that few animals have the skills or bravery to do. This is an apt metaphor for those born under the Primal Zodiac sign of the Mongoose. Members of this sign are strong-willed, rebellious, and unafraid of standing up for themselves. It is, perhaps, with these traits that the Mongoose is most unique, though they also tend to have a mysterious quality that exceeds their reputation of leading with their heart before their head.

Mongooses are impulsive and adventurous and believe in doing what is best for the world as they see it. They tend to have strong opinions about not just what’s right and what’s wrong, but how things should be. They are deep, intelligent, and often intense thinkers that stand up for what they believe in, regardless of the consequences. Mongooses would rather be hated than be phony, and some signs that can’t handle their opinionated nature have a hard time not being offended by their outspoken intensity.

Though they are not afraid of a fight, Mongooses are actually very optimistic. They don’t like dwelling on the past and prefer to focus on what they can do to create a better future. They stay busy because they are easily frustrated by having to wait for results and because they can’t stand being bored. Being bored and stagnant in life is the worst curse for a member of this sign. They are very much doers, and deep down they feel that action in some form or another is required of them.

Their high idealism can lead to depression if they don’t learn to be patient and live life’s journey regardless of the results. In order to maintain balance in life, Mongooses must also learn which emotions to hold onto and which to let go of. Learning to pick their battles and give themselves some well-deserved rest is important to their health and well-being.


Mongooses tend to be somewhat polarizing. Some people are naturally drawn to their uniqueness, passion, and drive while others are naturally turned off by it. Though they like to pretend they don’t care, Mongooses want to be liked as much as anyone else - they just don’t need to be liked as much as a lot of other people do. If you allow yourself to get close to Mongoose you will find them to be one of the most selfless, generous signs out there. Yes, they are unpredictable and independent, but they are also true and loyal friends who deeply want to see those they care about succeed in life. Get them to relax and you will find that they are funny, clever, playful, and even romantic.

Speaking of romance, those born under this sign have little trouble finding mates - it’s finding the right one that can be tricky. Those born under the sign of the Mongoose tend to have a deep, mysterious, magnetic quality about them that easily attracts others. Unfortunately they also tend to hook up with the wrong kind of people and end up in overly dramatic relationships that are based mostly on passion and little on a good personality fit. This is much more common in younger Mongooses, and as they get older members of this sign tend to figure out what (and who) is truly good for them. They just have to be careful not to be too possessive over their partners, which can cause unnecessary tension in otherwise good relationships.

Careers & Goals

Mongooses are very expressive, so whatever their individual form, it’s a best-case scenario if those born under this sign can make a career out of expressing themselves and their thoughts. This can take many forms, including political analyst, professor or teacher, lecturer, philosopher, minister, or theologian. The specific career path will be revealed through the passion of each person, but the theme remains the same - Mongooses succeed as outspoken supporters of their deepest beliefs.

Those born under this sign are often very athletic, and if they have the talent there are few signs that are as likely to succeed in the sports world. Part of that is their passion, which also helps them if they decide to become sports journalists or commentators instead of athletes. There is another interesting path that seems to fit perfectly for this sign, though it may be a more typical hobby than a career.

Being both athletically gifted and adventurous, Mongooses enjoy exploration in the most literal sense. Outdoor adventures, mountain climbing, cave exploration, and discovering new places (to the extent to which that is possible). Those who can find a way to make a career out of exploring and adventuring may find a deep purpose in this calling.


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