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Loyal, ambitious, and intense, those born under the sign of the Octopus prefer to deal in facts rather than emotions. Though not necessarily unfriendly, members of this sign can be fairly anti-social. To be more specific, they tend to be uncomfortable in most social situations. Octopuses often don’t feel like they fit in or know what to say in social situations. Instead, they prefer time alone or with a couple of their closest friends with whom they share a great deal of the same ideals.

Octopuses are highly complex characters. Like their animal namesakes, members of this sign are highly intelligent and can solve problems and puzzles that would stump their peers. Just as the aquatic cephalopod receives little contact or guidance from parents, so too do those born under the sign of the Octopus require little instruction compared to other signs.

The mind of an Octopus is both complex and contradictory. They are part rebel but part people-pleaser. They have deep reserves of inner strength but become nervous and uncertain at the slightest glitch in the plan. They consider themselves “straight-shooters”, but can’t stand it when someone is critical of them. They are passive while temperamental, honest while secretive, and always want to have the advantage but cry foul play if someone else has an advantage over them.

There is a considerable dark side available to those born under this sign. Depending on other aspects in the birth chart, this dark side may be expressed in different ways. Most Octopuses internalize their negative feelings rather than expel them into the world, though this isn’t always the best approach. Dealing with feelings rather than becoming overwhelmed by them is the only way to work through the inner challenges and fears that this sign can become mired in.

Octopuses need confidence to thrive or else their potential will become volatile and negative rather than helpful. Ironically, the self-sufficient loner receives most of its confidence from outside sources (at least early on in life), so it’s important for this sign to challenge its own discomfort with socializing. Octopuses value loyalty, honor, and work ethic above all else. They often have difficulty creating their own happiness, mostly because they prioritize things like pride and power over peace and serenity. Always hardest on themselves, members of this sign have idealistic ideas and opinions and a worldview that few others can accurately understand.


Socializing is not their strong suit, though it is a key aspect to achieving balance for this sign. Just don’t expect an Octopus to offer their true feelings up front. Until they trust an individual, members of this sign will keep them at a distance. Loyalty is absolute for them. While they may consider cutting corners on other social aspects, loyalty is a requirement both for themselves and for those close to them. Those who betray this law will find themselves excommunicated from an Octopuses life.

Members of this sign tend to be highly independent, but they still need close friends and family to feel balanced. Loners a lot of the time, most Octopuses keep a small, close group of friends, (of which they are often the leader.

Picky and insecure in relationships, Octopuses need someone strong and emotionally stable to create a long-term partnership with. Ever the complex character, their compatibility with other signs is more influenced by other planetary aspects in the birth chart than most signs. The specific partnership needs of each individual is influenced by a number of factors, particularly the relationship to the planet Venus. Love will likely take a long time to manifest, and is somewhat synchronous in timing to when Octopuses learn to love and accept themselves. If you are an Octopus, you should consult your birth chart for further compatibility information.

Careers & Goals

Influenced strongly by the Chinese Year of the Dog, those born under this sign have a passion for humanitarian ideals that often takes a backseat to their quest for personal security. Intelligent and capable of solving complex puzzles, most Octopuses choose careers that play to these strengths. Careers as doctors, scientists, and researchers are common amongst members of this sign.

Octopuses also have an unusual ability to take on jobs that the majority of people would feel uncomfortable in, particularly those regarding crime, death, or disease. These career options often encompass both law enforcement and biological research. Roles as criminal investigators, pathologists, morticians, and coroners may be unusual for other signs, but not for this one. Octopuses inherently understand the role pain, discomfort, and death play in life, even if they cannot consciously explain it.

It is likely that only the most highly evolved souls incarnated under the sign of the Octopus will actually pursue unselfish or humanitarian goals for their career. This should not be judged as good or bad, instead one must recognize that every path has its lessons and those who have chosen the path of the Octopus are no different.


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