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A mix of headstrong self-assurance and passionate determination, those born under the sign of the Ostrich have the ability to influence the society and culture around them just by doing what they do best. Ostriches are smart, confident, and driven. They have huge imaginations and love to learn new things. They are puzzle-solvers by nature, and though they are not typically all that focused in their everyday lives, members of this sign can become fixated on getting the results that they want.

Ostriches don’t just have hobbies, they have obsessions. They are rarely intentionally ambitious, rather their success comes from following their passions with such endless devotion that they can’t help but become masters of their craft. This is when the best aspects of an Ostrich come forth. If they were to stop and try to intentionally calculate their next steps to success they would become overwhelmed and fall apart. Indeed there are two different kinds of Ostriches - those that unconsciously move forward on their own special path and those who are constantly searching for the next high.

This is the big danger for those born under this sign. Their purpose in life is to follow their hearts and their instincts. Every time they try to control the direction that they are naturally flowing in, they go off course. If they let this happen too often they become completely lost in life, and wonder how everything can seem so wrong when they have been trying so hard to do everything right. Their ego is their biggest enemy, and giving in and trusting fate is the only way for them to move forward.

Ostriches have one of the greatest opportunities, but also face one of the greatest challenges of all signs. The quality of an Ostrich’s life is directly correlated to their ability to let go and trust fate (and their instincts) to take them where they were always meant to go.


Those born under this sign are charming and sociable and enjoy being part of like-minded groups. They may disappear from time to time when they find a new challenge, but for the most part Ostriches like getting attention. Members of this sign have a hard time trusting others and can even be a bit too self-involved for their own good. Because of this they usually develop a small network of key people that they trust and eventually limit their socialization to these groups.

Romantic relationships will get easier for Ostriches as they mature. Being both passionate and flighty, long-term relationships generally do not appeal to an Ostrich. Members of this sign get bored of others quickly, particularly if the relationship is not challenging. Eventually age will grant Ostriches the wisdom and insight they need to find stability in life and only then will they allow themselves to settle down. This may not happen for some time, though, as the middle part of an Ostrich’s life is the key point where the most challenging growth happens.

Careers & Goals

Ostriches do best when they forget about other peoples’ definitions of success and simply focus on following their interests. The role of follower does not suit them well, though neither does the role of leader. Members of this sign must find and take their own path in order to find balance and happiness. This is indeed what they are meant to do, so fate has made sure to give them the intelligence, determination, and luck they need to find their way in the world. It is only when they become overly influenced by outside expectations that these gifts become wasted and useless. Ostriches should be the ones influencing society through their actions and beliefs, not the other way around.

Their curious nature may lead them into some uncommon careers such as jewelry designer, furniture maker, clothing designer, art dealer, and confectioner. These are surprisingly good fits for an Ostrich. They also have a talent with money and finance, and should it fit their interests, those born under this sign can excel as bankers, stockbrokers, accountants, and financial advisers.


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