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Social, funny, and outgoing, those born under the sign of the Otter use their warmth and charm as their primary tool in navigating life. Like their animal namesake, members of this sign are clever, feisty, and gregarious. They usually spend a lot of time grooming themselves for their looks are of great importance to them. They are not terribly territorial either, preferring to sleep where their adventure takes them for the night. A nice home will eventually be required, but a young Otter can travel the world for years without getting too homesick.

Otters like to be in charge. This way they can not only get what they want, but receive attention and respect while doing so. They can occasionally behave somewhat self-centered and egotistical, but are usually smart enough not to push their self-proclaimed authority too far. Otters want to be the best, and they understand that being the best takes work. As long as they get to do thing their own way, there is little they won’t undertake.

Members of this sign have a sense of pride that only a few other signs can top. They absolutely hate looking unintentionally foolish (though they will act the part of the fool if it gets them a good laugh) and have little tolerance for those who don’t respect this important (if unspoken) rule. They like to be seen as evolved, wise, and powerful, which they often are, but this can sometimes cause them to hesitate trying new things.

Above all things, Otters don’t like to live by other people’s rules. As long as they keep life in perspective this shouldn’t be a big problem, but out of perspective Otters risk becoming greedy and narrow-minded and there is always a chance that they will take what they want if nobody is willing to offer it up to them. Members of this sign can also be a bit judgmental of others, particularly those who are less successful than they are at that point in their lives. As they mature they tend to realize that everyone operates differently, and will slowly come to accept this, especially if they have a hard road to reaching their goals.


Otters are charming, warm, and energetic. They are absolutely magnetic and people long to be around them at all times. Other dominant personalities may dislike having an Otter as competition for attention, but everyone else absolutely adores them. While it’s important for them to be admired and respected, they also have a good sense of humor and don’t mind being the butt of jokes as long as they don’t hit too close to home or challenge an important self-belief. Friendly, fun, and interesting, Otters usually have great stories to share. They should be aware of their tendency to be domineering so as not to drive away those whom they rely on for attention.

Unfortunately, Otters are not as great with romantic relationships. They like having new experiences, new partners, and new encounters, and aren’t typically looking to settle down with someone long-term until much later in life. They love their independence and value their friendships so much that the thought of cutting down on those experiences is simply not attractive.

Early on relationships will work best with someone who respects their social needs and probably shares the same group of friends. As Otters mature and their priorities change, they will be more open to settling down, but will still be very picky about the person they give the honor of their partnership to.

Careers & Goals

Otters like nice things and have few qualms about spending their entire paycheck on comfort and luxuries. They have refined taste and want everyone who comes around to see it. Unless they are lucky enough to be born into wealth most Otters will likely have to work for their money, which makes career particularly important to them. They work well in groups if they are in charge or are given enough independence to complete their tasks the best way they see fit. This makes entrepreneurship a particularly good fit for this sign. They are also natural politicians and many will seek out this profession with successful results.

Members of this sign aren’t the most artistically talented but they are very creative thinkers who bring a strong presence and positive energy to the projects they get involved with. They are natural directors who excel at directing films, plays, or musical projects. They have great senses of humor and can also become writers and comedians with little trouble. Given their love of giving advice to others (but rarely taking it themselves), they can be great talk show hosts, counselors, and teachers. These roles give them a particular sense of pride because they are not only doing what they do best, but are helping others in the process.


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