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primal zodiac sign


Scorpio + Sheep


In the animal kingdom, the famous giant panda is one of the most contradictory animals by nature. They are popular but loners, bears who don’t hibernate, carnivores that eat 99% bamboo, are territorial but don’t live in one place, are strong and potentially dangerous but shy away from confrontation. Humans born under the sign of the Panda share many similarities. Members of this sign tend to be popular but loners, want to go with flow but have to feel in charge of their own destiny, long to relax but are always working on projects, are ambitious yet uncertain, want to do things that help others yet are often self-focused, and have creative minds that are often focused on success and achievement.

Rather than see things as they are, Pandas see the world in terms of how it affects them personally. They have a desire to improve the world around them, but their approach to doing so is a bit different from others. Members of this sign believe that by being their best and improving their own lives they are doing what they can to improve their surroundings, which makes things better for everyone. Others may interpret this behavior as self-centered, but this is genuinely the best way for Pandas to operate.

Pandas are surprisingly shy. They can be territorial loners who live in their own little world, but this is by design. Those born under this sign are quiet, collected, and focused but can become obsessive, overly critical, and anxious if left alone for too long. Though they need time alone, Pandas should be careful not to isolate themselves from the world. Private and reserved, it can be hard for Pandas to find the right social scene, but it’s important that they try.

The biggest challenge for Pandas in life is finding their place in the world. In their youth they will likely isolate themselves to work on esoteric projects and personal interests, but over time they must realize that they do, in fact, need others to help make their visions into reality. Pandas also have a hard time feeling content, and too often second-guess themselves. Though ambitious, they must also realize that there is time to work and time to play, and they can afford to do both.


Pandas aren’t very social by nature, but still enjoy having like-minded friends around. Most likely they will keep only a handful of friends around and keep a polite distance from everyone else. While others may tell them to be more social, Pandas know that they need a good deal of time alone. Their best friends will be ones who share their interests and listen to their dreams. Pandas have a tendency to be over-sensitive and hold grudges. They would be wise to challenge this natural tendency, as most of the time others don’t even know that they have offended them.

Though they tend to be loners, all Pandas want to fall in love and be dedicated to someone. While it may not seem their nature, they are deep down romantics who want little more than a sweet, romantic relationship with a person they can trust. Because they have a hard time trusting people, a certain amount of maturity is necessary before they can find the right partner for them. Pandas are not as confident in relationships as they are with their work, yet they are loyal and committed partners who do best with someone who can bring out their lighter side while letting them be themselves.

Careers & Goals

Finding the right career is probably going to be a struggle for a lot of Pandas. It’s not unusual for members of this sign to find their calling at a young age. The success that follows can be both a blessing and a curse, as the priorities of Pandas are likely to change quite a bit during their lifetimes. It’s most likely that the desire to grow their own empire will drive them quite a bit in their youth, but deep down the stress and pressure of being in the top seat will eventually take its toll. A certain level of anonymity is required for this reserved and sensitive sign.

There is no one career choice that fits this sign. The other aspects in each individual Panda’s birth chart will help determine which direction is a good fit with his or her nature. That said, here is a list of potential career options that are most likely better than others: actor, analyst, art history teacher, bill collector, biochemist, censor, coroner, criminologist, dancer, daycare teacher, debtor, detective, distiller, diver, doctor, editor, enforcer, excavator, florist, funeral director, garbage collector, hair stylist, hypnotist, illustrator, insurance agent, interior designer, investigator, investor, lab technician, landscape gardener, miner, musician, painter, pathologist, pediatrician, plumber, private investigator, psychiatrist, psychologist, researcher, scientist, security guard, surgeon, tax collector, television presenter, undertaker, union leader, vocational counselor


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