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Panthers are one of the most well-liked of the Primal Zodiac signs. They are very engaging with others and are always looking for ways to make life better for everyone around them. When they are on top of their game, they are strong, energetic, creative, and intelligent. But they have a dark side, which usually comes out if they feel like they are not in control of their lives. When they are off balance, they can also be eccentric, over-protective, mysterious, and unpredictable.

No matter what their current mood, Panthers are confident, and they have every reason to be. They are smart, creative thinkers with excellent leadership and social skills. They can be overbearing at times when they want things done their way, but most of the time others recognize that their ideas are good and that their hearts are in the right place. Paired with their natural charm, it’s hard not to want to do things a Panther’s way.

Balance is key for members of this sign. They have big ideas and thrive on accomplishment, but this can cause them to miss out on the more important things in life. They work very hard and stay focused on their goals, but this can cause them to burn out, especially if they don’t get the results they have worked so hard for. When this happens, the dark side comes out and they become moody, mean-spirited, and aloof - the exact opposite of their usual nature. Even their closest friends will be put off by this sudden change in temperament. Luckily, they tend to bounce back reasonably well and should soon be back on course toward their next goal.


Members of this sign have no trouble making friends. They are genuinely friendly and caring, while their confidence naturally attracts others to them. They usually have a few fairly large groups of friends in which they are either the “leader” or the person who everyone is excited to see when they make it to a group event.

Panthers are extremely loyal, sometimes to a fault. While they are charming, trustworthy, and attentive, they have a natural tendency to develop a sense of ownership over their partners and family, along with a natural tendency to protect what’s theirs. They are used to being dominant in their relationships, but if left unchecked, they can become jealous, overbearing, and oversensitive. Members of this sign do best with a partner with a strong enough personality to keep them in check, a big enough heart to keep them balanced, and an adventurous spirit to keep them interested.

Careers & Goals

Members of this sign are intelligent, active, and like to be in control. They are smart and energetic enough to succeed at almost anything they choose, but their natural restlessness often makes routine work difficult for them to stick with. They like to be the boss, and actually make very good bosses. They are not very motivated by money, though, so even a well-paying management job that they are successful at might go by the wayside if they find it too boring.

The best jobs for Panthers are those that give them control while continuously challenging their deep intellectual curiosity. They are perfect in the role of entrepreneur, where they can build their own business from the ground up and get others involved as they need them. Those who need a bit more of the spotlight may choose a career in politics. Panthers make excellent politicians due to their leadership ability and love of a challenge.


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