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In nature, the Piranha is small but powerful with razor sharp teeth and a hunger to consume whatever is foolish enough to get in its way. In human society, members of the Piranha Primal Zodiac sign aren't all that different. They are fearless, aggressive, and get what they want every time. They are highly career-oriented and use their charm and high energy levels to push forward consistently. Piranhas have an oversized appetite for success that is never satisfied. They have the smarts and the will to do whatever it takes to get ahead, and they often do.

This is not to say that Piranhas are unlikable. In truth, they usually have many friends and are fiercely loyal to their families. They are self-sufficient enough to not need anyone else, though, and when they find that others don’t have the drive to succeed they will move on all by themselves.

Members of this sign are as popular as they choose to be, but they also make many enemies. While they are mostly in control of every situation, they sometimes lash out at others unnecessarily and can be excessively mean spirited. After they have cooled down, though, don’t expect a Piranha to apologize for their behavior. Instead they will walk away blaming you for the whole event.


As with the fish, the only ones safe from the wrath of the Piranha are those they consider one of their own. Very close lifelong friends are like family to them, and members of this sign never turn their back on family (unless they are betrayed, then look out). Piranhas have little affection for anyone outside of their family, though they will often ignore those who are smart enough to get out of their way.

This makes the Piranha very polarizing. They are charming and sly, able to manipulate people without them noticing. Piranhas may have many friends, but those friends rarely know that much about them. This is by design. Piranhas will call you “friend” to your face, but are probably just keeping you around to extend their ‘network’. Members of this sign consider their emotional distance from others a tactical advantage, and have no qualms using their “friends” to get ahead.

All of this creates difficulty in the relationships of this sign. You are either an acquaintance of a Piranha or you are “family”. It’s very difficult for anyone new to make their way into the inner realm of a Piranha’s life. This constant distance makes love a considerable challenge, and the killer instinct of Piranhas makes them gravitate toward mates who are so non-challenging that they could also be considered prey. Members of this sign will usually choose their career over love, which can set them off balance for a considerable portion of their lives.

Careers & Goals

Piranhas don’t make very good co-workers or employees. They need to be in charge. They can be tyrants as bosses, though, so they may find it best to work in a job where they are either top dog or rely on others as little as possible. Many Piranhas are entrepreneurs for this very reason. They have a vision and want to see it through. They also have the charm and enthusiasm to draw people into that vision and make them want to be a part of it. They are better at handling the sales, marketing, and fundraising parts of the business though, and should probably hand off the operations side to a trusted employee who can tolerate their aggressive behavior.

Not surprisingly, Piranhas also make good directors, in every sense of the word. Business, catering, finance, film, or stage - they can work through any situation as long as they are calling the shots. Many members of this sign also dream about becoming stockbrokers or lawyers, careers that can be a good fit depending on the situation. Piranhas are cunning enough to charm their way up the corporate ladder, but they are sometimes too aggressive and impatient to put up with a boss that makes them wait for their promotion or partnership in the firm. Piranhas should remember that a patient fish will feed more in the long run.


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