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Pit Bull


In the animal kingdom, the pit bull is often seen as a strong and potentially dangerous creature that can be very protective of those close to them. Why is it then, that so many people choose the pit bull as a pet?

As it is with the animal, those born under the sign of the Pit Bull can be mercurial, defensive, and hard to read from a distance, but those close to them know that few people are as loyal, kind-hearted, and family-oriented as the Pit Bull. This can be a challenging sign to get to know well, as they rarely let those they don’t know well get too close. They aren’t outwardly aggressive, but more defensive by nature. A Pit Bull will fight to the death to defend its friends and family with relentless vigor. They believe strongly in justice and fairness and do not hesitate to step in when a situation is out of balance.

Pit Bulls are mostly serious by nature and tend to keep to themselves. Inside they are highly emotional and have trouble finding balance and peace in their lives. They are constantly on guard, trying to protect their surprisingly fragile emotions as well as the honor of their friends and family. Members of this sign can be so tormented by their inner turmoil that they can become painfully self-absorbed. Though they don’t often show it on the outside, they live in an internal sea of confusion and uncertainty, and are almost never completely relaxed.


Those born under this sign are not the most social creatures, nor one of the more socially adept, but those who know them well that they are among the most loyal and reliable friends anyone can have. They don’t let their true colors show all that often, but when they finally do they are often goofy and silly and like to joke around and have fun. Only those who they trust completely know this side of them, as they prefer to wear a poker face around all others. Pit Bulls have trouble making new friends because of this, which is ironic because of how great they are to those they do allow close to them.

Love will be difficult as this sign is constantly giving and is afraid to take from those they love. In their minds they see this generosity as a way to “earn love”, but in reality it makes them appear needy and insecure. In order to achieve balance in their love lives, members of this sign will have to learn how to stand up for themselves and say “no” to the people they love the most. Despite their strong character, this is probably the most difficult thing in the world for them to do, but necessary to maintain real relationships. Partners tend to take so much of what’s given that they feel guilty and begin resenting the Pit Bull for letting them become so greedy. This is usually the keystone in the relationship that when broken causes the entire partnership to fall to pieces.

Careers & Goals

Justice is hugely important to this sign. They can’t stand it when people say “life’s not fair” since they believe with all of their hearts that it should be. Combined with their protective nature, this personality trait is what leads many Pit Bulls into a law career. Whether this takes the form of lawyer, judge, or even social worker, a Pit Bull’s nature is to fight for justice and fairness in the world.

It’s impossible for members of this sign not to become emotionally involved in their work, which can often drain them and cause deep depression. As with all aspects of their lives, this sign needs to learn to protect itself as much as it protects others, or it will have a very hard time finding serenity in life.

The Pit Bull is a helper, a giver. Those who don’t want to fight for justice often turn to medicine to fulfill their life purpose. Again, this is a very capable sign that will succeed because of their heart but can also get too emotionally involved at the same time. Doctor, nurse, hospice care professional - all of these are fitting career choices for this sign.


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