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There is no question that the platypus is one of the most unique and difficult to comprehend animals in the world, so there should be little surprise that people born under the Primal Zodiac sign of the Platypus find themselves in a similar situation. Shy, hard working, and sensitive, those born under this sign often feel that they don’t quite belong in whatever society they have been brought up in.

Platypuses do best around intuitive individuals, who understand that which is not being said out loud - the reservations with others, the fear of betrayal and rejection, the need to plan things out before acting. Members of this sign do well with intuitive types because they can still communicate without having to explain themselves. It doesn’t even matter if these others are like them or not in terms of physicality, social groups, or approach to life.

Very intelligent and hard working, many Platypuses have personalities which seem old for their age. They are most often quiet and reserved and don’t enjoy standard social events that their peers seem to be excited about. Instead, they are often interested in obscure subjects and understanding the core aspects of how life works. They may feel like outcasts, but will later find out that everyone is different on purpose, and they most likely chose the Platypus approach to life in order to gain deep wisdom and knowledge that otherwise fade into the background in the lives of others.

Of course, all of these traits can be offset with certain signs in the birth chart (such as having the Moon or Ascendant in Gemini), which will give an entirely different spin on how this personality relates to the outside world. Collecting the finer details of each individual is more important for this sign than many others simply because of the strong effect each planetary aspect can have on the direction of each individual life.


Platypuses are notoriously shy and withdrawn. They enjoy having a good deal of quiet time to plan and execute their own projects. Most prefer socializing with a small, select group of people and don’t generally enjoy being part of a crowd. Group inclusion is of little importance to a Platypus, and they typically keep to themselves or their close friends and family. They are usually very kind and gentle people, but are more reserved around those they don’t know, which can make it challenging to meet new people.

The difficulty in opening up to new people makes romance a bit tricky at the start, but once potential mates get to know a Platypus, the more they find there is to like. Young or less mature Platypuses can be emotionally intense, possessive, and jealous of others interacting with their mate. This is because deep down members of this sign are afraid of being rejected or betrayed. Learning to trust others is a big life lesson for this sign, but is one that is necessary for finding a long-lasting, loving relationship. If Platypuses can learn to take the calculated risks in love that they do in business, there is great reason to believe that a strong romantic partnership is not only possible, but inevitable.

Careers & Goals

The good news for Platypuses is that they are exceptionally good with money and through their hard work and dedicated focus they can earn a very good wage. Though this sign has some makings of an entrepreneur, most Platypuses will choose to work for a stable company where they can methodically earn their way up the corporate ladder. Those who choose to take a risk will likely want a partner to work with them; one who can compliment their weaknesses and vice-versa.

Members of this sign tend to enjoy careers that allow them to use their brains more than their social skills. They are not terribly artistic in general, and most prefer a career that deals with math, science, or finance. The best career options for a Platypus are doctor, insurance broker, auditor, or engineer. Of course there are many more options than these, and each individual should decide for his or herself what career will be a good fit for them. Platypus is one of the best examples where the minor zodiac signs (found via the birth chart) have a big influence on the choice of an individual’s career.


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