Primal Zodiac Sign of Praying Mantis
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Praying Mantis


The Praying Mantis is the master manipulator of the Primal Zodiac. Those born under this sign have a gift for convincing others to do whatever they want them to. Like their animal namesake, members of this sign prefer to blend into the background and wait for their prey to come to them. That’s not to say that Praying Mantises are evil or even ill-intentioned. They simply have the power to get others to do things that benefit them. Used for good, this is a rare and powerful skill set that can accomplish much more when shared with others than it could when Praying Mantises go it alone.

As you might expect, members of this sign are charming, charismatic, and energetic. They are hard to ignore, which is fine because most who meet them would have no reason to want to ignore them anyway. They are well-mannered and intriguing on the outside, but aggressive and even possessive on the inside.

Once a Praying Mantis discovers his or her power of persuasion, it may become hard for them to control their desire to wield it. As it is in most superhero comics, it takes time to master a powerful gift, and in that time the student may choose to use their powers to help others or to serve themselves.


Praying Mantises can make friends easily. They have a natural magnetism that attracts people right to them. They are also adventurous by nature, and often have great stories that they tell with such mastery that they never get old. How long your friendship will last, and what direction it will take is entirely up to the Mantis. They can make you feel like you’re their best friend, but take a step back and you’ll realize you know virtually nothing about them. They tend not to let others get too close as they secretly fear that others will be able to manipulate them as they can manipulate others.

Falling in love with a Praying Mantis can be a dangerous affair. Like their animal namesake, members of this sign will make love to you then eat you alive. Not literally, of course, but many a heart has been broken by falling into the intriguing world of these seductive individuals. They don’t break hearts on purpose, they are just a bit self-centered when it comes to the long-term effects of short-term actions. If they aren’t worried about getting hurt emotionally, why should anyone else be? In their view, others should be able to detach and enjoy one-night stands or short term, meaningless relationships as much as they do.

Careers & Goals

Praying Mantises are charming and aggressive, and have all the capacity in the world to excel in the sales world, but for some this is not challenging enough. Those born under this Primal Zodiac sign want to exercise control of situations. They don’t mind not getting all of the attention as long as they get to play puppet-master. For this reason, they do very well in marketing and advertising. They know how to spin a story and are highly adept at getting others to believe in their vision. The ultimate job for this sign is Public Relations Executive, a role that allows them to use the most of their personality and skills.

It is wise for Praying Mantises to keep their powers of manipulation in the private sector. Some will be tempted to make a killing by becoming a politician or religious leader. They have all the capacity in the world to succeed at this, however they should be careful about using their powers for personal gain at the expense of their integrity. Though they will be able to build a large following, the truth will eventually catch up to them and their glass tower will come crashing down.

As with the rest of their lives, Praying Mantises should do their best to use their impressive interpersonal skills to do more than just serve themselves. This is the path to true happiness and enlightenment.


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