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Aries + Tiger



How do you stop a charging Rhinoceros? You don’t. You run like heck and don’t look back. People born under the sign of Rhinoceros are strong, determined, aggressive, and never back down from a challenge. Though this impetuousness occasionally gets them into trouble, members of this sign usually come out of battle victorious. They are both brave and lucky, as if blessed somehow by fate to constantly fight and constantly win.

For better or worse this is probably the most fearless sign in the Primal Zodiac, which fits perfectly with their desire for action and love of adventure. Not conformists by nature, they would probably run off and live in the wild if it didn’t mean they would be alone most of the time. Despite their aggressive nature, Rhinos crave social interaction, especially when it involves them telling stories of their great adventures to anyone who will listen.


Relationships are one of the only things in life that a Rhinoceros struggles with. Used to getting their way through force and willpower they are naturally intimidating - a trait which doesn’t necessarily attract others to them. This is not to say they are not warm-hearted. If they consider you a friend a Rhino will fight to the death to protect you, but sometimes they don’t know how to just relax and connect with people.

To the Rhinoceros everything is a battle, every situation something to be conquered. Members of this sign tend to be lucky and enjoy sharing their spoils of war with their friends, if for no other reason than to have others awe at what they are capable of earning.

Not surprisingly, love is even harder for a Rhino. They don’t like to compromise, ever. They want someone who will fight the battles of life alongside them without question or hesitation. This can be difficult to find as well as exhausting for those who partner up with them. It’s nearly impossible to match the intensity of a Rhinoceros, so unless both sides of the relationship can accept that they won’t always be on the same page, the partnership is bound to hit rocky terrain. For this reason Rhinos usually end up with someone equally aggressive or someone who will bend to their every whim.

Careers & Goals

Rhinoceroses love to take risks. They are as confident as any other sign and believe fully that a fully lived life can only be achieved by taking chances. Not surprisingly, this is the sign of the professional stuntman (or stuntwoman). Dangerous, exciting, and decidedly impractical, this is a perfect job for this risk-taking sign. Many Rhinos also join the military for similar reasons - travel, adventure, action, and risk. These roles don’t require a lot of formal education which means the often impatient Rhinoceros can follow this dream very early in their lives.

Big risk can mean big rewards, and Rhinos fit perfectly into the role of entrepreneur. Making a start-up company work takes a lot of confidence, leadership, and action - all things that the Rhino has to spare. For the same reasons, many Rhinos enjoy success as stockbrokers - a role where they get to take risks with other people’s money.


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