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Funny, loyal, and magnetic, those born under the sign of the Seagull like to keep things light and easy. They are idealists who also want the world to be more idealistic with them. They like discussing their philosophies about life with anyone who shares their opinions, though they are not confrontational enough to want to argue with someone about whose opinion is right or wrong.

Some people consider Seagulls to be immature, which is partially accurate. Seagulls usually grow up with a specific role in their family and never really shed this role as they grow up. They will likely still do what their parents tell them to do, whether they agree with it or not. Seagulls take the attitude of “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it”. If they are comfortably secure in their current lifestyle, it’s going to be difficult to get them to change it.

All Seagulls really want to do is have a good time, which can make it difficult for them to focus when it comes time to work. More than anything, though, Seagulls are loyal, so they show up and do their duty in return for enough money to provide the basic security that they need to feel stable. Members of this sign like nice things, but don’t need to have them. They prefer love and friendship over money or success, and will only really work if they have to, or if they find a field that they are genuinely interested in.

In most cases, Seagulls will reach a point in their adult lives where they will be challenged to start acting their age. On their own, they would be content being a college student for the rest of their lives, but even they know that their lifestyle is not sustainable. Seagulls find the daily grind of reality depressing, and there are few things more difficult to be around than a Seagull in a bad mood. This is an unfortunate truth that members of this sign will need to come to terms with. They attract people to them with their fun and easy going nature, but when they are down and out, Seagulls notoriously become moody, depressed complainers who can’t seem to find a glass that isn’t half-empty. This is part of the reason that others find members of this sign to be immature.

Seagulls are artistic by nature, and enjoy coming up with unusual solutions to common problems. They are also socially aware and consider themselves “free thinkers” who believe strongly in social justice and equal rights for all people. They don’t like to argue these beliefs with anyone, and others usually learn this quickly after a rare angry outburst or two.


Seagulls are very social by nature and have a certain flair that draws others to them like a magnet. They usually know many people, but probably only have a few close friends who know them very well. Seagulls are genuinely empathetic and interested in other people, but can sometimes take the teasing of others too seriously. Deep down they are sensitive souls who are a bit uncertain of themselves, but who genuinely want to please other people as long as it doesn’t require too much effort. Their friends appreciate their loyalty and earnestness, and this carries them a long way.

Members of this sign like to be in relationships because they like to be loved and to feel secure. They will probably have many relationships over time, starting as a teenager. Though they can be alone, they prefer not to be. When talking about what they believe in, Seagulls have a way of sharing their passion with others, which only intensifies the fire in a relationship, though this eventually gives way to reality, unfortunately for them. Partners may find it difficult to handle the emotional instability and stubbornness of this sign. Once again, the question of maturity will have to be answered before Seagulls can settle down for good.

Careers & Goals

More than anything, Seagulls want to do a really good job. They are loyal to their employers, even if they harbor dreams of doing something bigger and better. Seagulls are intelligent and capable workers who can become dedicated to the point of obsession, but they may be disappointed after working hard on the boss’s project to find out that they didn’t get any more money or credit for their efforts. Seagulls often dream of striking out on their own, but most have too much anxiety and self-doubt to see it through. In truth, Seagulls don’t like to put their own security at risk, even if there is a decent chance they could come out ahead.

Since Seagulls care about people and their community, they would be wise to look in this direction for career inspiration. Combined with their natural sense of justice, they do well in jobs such as police officer, charity worker, counselor, teacher, or politician. Ambitious types who don’t mind more schooling may choose a career as a lawyer or judge as well. Seagulls also enjoy nature and may find contentment in jobs such as forest ranger, florist, or gardener.


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