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If there is one word that defines people born under the sign of the Seal it is “excitement”. This is a sign that needs to be mentally challenged on a regular basis. Whether that challenge comes from studying their latest favorite subject or simply trying to outwit others, these are highly social individuals that always have a lot going on.

Seals are know-it-alls, but not because they care to impress others, they simply love facts and love to talk, so naturally they often have a lot to share. If you have a friend that loves to gossip, loves to talk about the latest news story, or constantly sends you memes, there's a good chance that person is a Seal.

With all of their vast knowledge and ability to figure out new things quickly, others are often surprised at how disorganized and messy a Seal can be. Members of this sign absolutely hate being bogged down with maintenance tasks such as cleaning, paying the bills, or even reading all of their mail. If a Seal exercises it is because they like the expression of energy and the way it makes them feel, not because they should be doing it for their health.

Seals are very intelligent, but can have a hard time fitting into society. They aren’t rebels, they just want to live each moment as it comes. The worst thing in the world for this sign is the possibility of missing out on a unique experience. To Seals, the world is a fascinating place with endless mysteries to explore. Boredom is like a prison for them, where they feel trapped and desperate to break out. Luckily they stay busy and social enough to avoid feeling bored most of the time.


For such naturally social people, Seals can have a difficult time maintaining relationships. To be quite honest, they are extremely self-centered and rarely put the needs of others before their own. This is not to say that they are mean-spirited, or even rude. They simply listen to their instincts (which tell them to follow the most interesting idea at the moment) and ignore social niceties (which tell them to be polite and pretend to care about things they don’t). Those who know them well understand this and forgive their unintentional slights, but those who don’t are often offended by what they consider a lack of manners.

Love is the most challenging part of a Seal’s life. Romantic relationships are rarely something they seek out but commonly fall into. The inadvertent mysteriousness, clever wit, and always interesting stories of a Seal make it easy to attract potential partners, but the self-absorption, disorganized lifestyle, and need to live on the edge make it difficult for long-term relationships to flourish. Seals can’t understand what it is they did to make their partner leave, but ask the partner and not only will they have very specific reasons, but will insist that they have told their ex-partner these reasons many times over.

Seals bounce back easily, and most end up slowing down enough to offer the necessary stability to keep from scaring off a partner later in their lives. Those who don’t learn to control their impetuous nature will eventually feel the wear of a lack of meaningful relationships. Getting past their own need for excitement and exploration and starting to dedicate parts of themselves to others is often the very life purpose of this sign.

Careers & Goals

Though they seem to know a little about everything, Seals don’t tend to be experts in any one thing. The proverbial “jack of all trades”, this Primal Zodiac sign loves to explore new facts, ideas, and theories and will immediately drop a project to move on to something else when their interests change. This can make finding the perfect career difficult for members of this sign, as there is rarely an employer offering the type of job that fits this ever-shifting side of their personality.

All and all, Seals often do best working on their own. This might be surprising as they are highly social creatures, but rules and regulations are just not a good fit for Seals. As smart and learned as they often are, it’s not surprising for members of this sign to get fired from jobs for refusing to follow the leader. Luckily, they rarely care. Seals are great at acquiring money, though they tend to spend it as quickly as it comes.

For this reason, many find success in investment trading, such as playing the stock or commodities markets. The constant flux of stock values combined with the effect on the markets by the latest news and financial reports combined with the excitement of risk-taking makes a job like day trading the perfect fit for this sign. Seals should be careful, though, not to get addicted to gambling, which should not be considered a career. This is a sign that can easily become overconfident and lose sight of the risks.

More risk-averse Seals tend to find their passion in much simpler tasks. They love to engage with a lot of different people throughout the day and don’t need a fancy office or big title to impress others. They are most comfortable on the move, so jobs like taxi driver, bus driver, or door-to-door salesperson make surprisingly excellent careers for this sign.


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