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Leo + Dog

Shih Tzu


The name “shih tzu” literally means “Lion Dog” in Chinese, so it’s only natural that those born under the Primal Zodiac sign of the Shih Tzu share the Tropical Sun sign of Leo, and are born during the Chinese Zodiac’s Year of the Dog.

Members of this sign are kind, loving, and generous. Their deepest hope is to play an integral role in making their surroundings better. This is almost always appreciated by others, but Shih Tzus also have a tendency to become bossy and can become moody to the point of acting childish if they don’t get to be in charge (though minor signs in the birth chart may affect this differently).

Over time, Shih Tzus learn that they will eventually get what they want if they focus on giving instead of receiving. Still, this is a sign that at the very least needs the adoration of those they are helping in order to feel good about all they are giving. They have a strong sense of justice and if they feel that they are being treated with less respect or appreciation than they deserve, they will shun the offender and punish them by withdrawing their own help and attention until an apology is made (or enough time passes that they forgive and forget, which they do quite easily).

This is a very honest sign who values integrity more than most. Those who are dishonest or disrespectful with them will be cut off without a second thought. Unfortunately Shih Tzus can also be a bit paranoid from time to time, thinking that others are plotting against them, but they also have good instincts and should learn to withhold judgment (or revenge) by balancing their intuition with the facts at hand.


Shih Tzus are playful and funny and people truly enjoy being in their presence. They can also be controlling and demanding, though, which is why some people have a hard time dealing with them. True friends love and appreciate them for all of their virtues and faults alike, and there are always many of these people around.

Love comes easily for this sign. They are well-liked and respected by most people and have a warmth to them in person that is hard to resist. They are extremely loyal so if they enter a relationship they do so with all the trust in the world. On the flip side, if this trust is violated, they are very quick to walk away completely, as if the relationship never happened.

Shih Tzus are so black-and-white that even issues that could be worked out will be judged by them to be irreparable. While they are often correct in feeling slighted, Shih Tzus also have to be careful not to turn their back on their own happiness just to be right. Pride is the Shih Tzus biggest weakness, and it shows up strongest in the most intimate relationships.

Careers & Goals

Even though they can be a bit self-involved at times, Shih Tzus are very generous and love to share their time and knowledge with others. They also like to be in a position of power and demand respect. For these reasons they make fantastic teachers on any level. Those who embrace their more playful side may choose elementary education while those who are more focused on their internal sense of justice, critical thinking, and sense of social duty tend to become college professors instead. Either way Shih Tzus love to be helpful and expect a certain respect and adoration in return from their loyal students.

Shih Tzus are extremely diplomatic, and while they may be somewhat judgmental internally, they are quite good at settling difficult conflicts and making others feel taken care of. They have a true desire to do good in the world along with enough confidence to believe that they can do it.

Unsurprisingly Shih Tzus are natural politicians (such as former U.S. Presidents and fellow Shih Tzus Bill Clinton and Herbert Hoover). Whether it is a role as leader of a nation or the leader of a community, this sign naturally is loved and respected for their straightforward and sincere desire to make the world a better place.


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