Primal Zodiac Sign of Skunk
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The first thing most people think of when they hear the word “skunk” is the noxious odor the animal can emit as a defensive maneuver. Less talked about is the thick-skinned, independent, and solitary nature of this animal or how it prefers a wide range of land to call home rather than a single den. It is these attributes that best represent those born under the Primal Zodiac sign of the Skunk.

Members of this sign live by their own philosophy and prefer to follow their own path instead of taking the easy road. Confident, energetic, and independent, they seek new life experiences and rarely stay in one place for too long. Like their animal namesake, Skunks don’t care if you like them or not - they are going to do what they want and have no trouble leaving others behind. Most people know better than to cross them, as they are idealists who hold their ground when challenged.

Skunks are witty and tend to have a somewhat dark sense of humor. They find reality far more intriguing than absurdity and can find humor where others can only see tragedy. They are not morose, but observant. They have good instincts and trust their senses, though they don’t pay much attention to anything beyond their momentary point of view.

Skunks only look forward, never back. They are not sentimental and don’t dwell on the past. They are far more concerned with what’s around the corner than what they’ve left behind. Some people consider them selfish because of this, but in truth Skunks just want to be left alone to do what they think is best and usually extend others this same courtesy.

Ironically, they are at their best when focused on helping others. Though they can and should have a life of adventure, too much time alone can cause them to become selfish, aggressive, and greedy. Likewise, they shouldn’t allow themselves to become bored just to please others. A bored Skunk is the worst kind. Without excitement and energy they can easily surrender to their dark side, becoming blunt, irritable, judgmental, restless, and unfocused.


Despite their tendency to spend time alone, Skunks are sociable, funny, and are good conversationalists. They listen well and give good advice, though they rarely ever talk about their own problems. This is a sign with few close friends and many acquaintances. It’s hard for them to get too close to anyone as the idea of attachment contradicts their independent nature. They often seek new relationships that fit what they are into at the moment, but they don’t think to detach from old ones, which can leave old friends feeling insulted. In truth, they can be emotionally detached, and though they try to be polite, they are more concerned with living by their own code than with the feelings of others.

Romantic relationships can be difficult for those looking to partner with a Skunk. Members of this forward-looking sign are not sentimental or romantic and prefer to have many life experiences before settling down. To be fair, Skunks are very open about this personality trait, which only entices those who are most attracted to them. Skunks will break many hearts before they finally reach a point in their lives when they are ready for a commitment. This is a condition that comes with both age and life experience. When they are ready, though, they are loyal and devoted family members who will be lovingly impressed by their partner’s ability to have won them over.

Careers & Goals

Unsurprisingly, Skunks do best in careers where they can forge their own path. While they are intelligent and capable enough to succeed in almost any field, they may find that their ability to separate from their emotions is their most effective tool. Members of this sign are great at giving advice and would make great psychologists, counselors, or doctors if their clientele didn’t rely so much on them always being available. Better jobs for Skunks are as homicide detectives, news broadcasters, lawyers, financial advisers, or stand-up comedians.

It is not unusual for members of this sign to aspire to careers in politics in their youths, as they are highly aware of how badly the world needs a straightforward idealist such as themselves. It is unusual, though, for them to stick with this aspiration after becoming disenfranchised by the bickering and inefficiency inherent in any political system. Skunks would rather forge a path through the darkest jungle alone than be forced to play someone else’s game. This is true for corporate life as well, though Skunks are not nearly as likely to be emotionally involved in the success of a company as they are in the direction of their state, country, or the world at large.


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