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People tend to assume that Sloths are lazy, but this is really not the case. Sure, they prefer to hang around their home a good deal, but it’s not because they don’t want to do anything, they just like to take things slow. Like their animal namesake, members of the Sloth sign are unafraid to show their unique nature. They are extremely friendly to the point of seeming a bit naive. That paired with their tendency to avoid confrontation and it’s easy to see why others often see Sloths as being weak.

In reality, Sloths are great diplomats. They are socially adept when they want to be, and approach even the most difficult situations with patience and grace. While they are exceptional at keeping cool under pressure, they tend to internalize the negative emotions of those around them, though you would never know it by looking at them. When this happens, Sloths shut down and keep to themselves, which is difficult for them and those who know them well. They prefer helping others with their problems over sharing their own, which only makes it harder for their friends and family to help them when they get depressed.


Sloths often have complicated relationships. They have a tendency to be attracted to others who share the open and eccentric side of their nature, but not necessarily the genuine, giving side of their nature. With their tendency to come across as pushovers, it’s not uncommon for their partners to take advantage of their good nature. Sloths need to be careful not to let this happen, as it will eventually wear them down and leave them feeling jaded and helpless.

Sloths should seek to pair themselves with more stable partners. This may be difficult for them as they are highly attracted to more wild and unpredictable people, as well as those with big dreams and big ideas. A smart Sloth will learn to keep these people as friends, and keep their love relationships separate.

A good, stable, even-keeled partner may be hard to find, but this is meant to be one of the challenges in the life of the Sloth. Once they find the right pairing, though, they will learn to balance out their lives in a much more manageable way. This often happens later in life than their peers.

Careers & Goals

As natural people-pleasers, young Sloths often gravitate toward jobs in human resources, retail, or as administrative assistants. While jobs like these feel good to that side of the Sloth’s personality, many members of this sign will find the repetitiveness and/or lack of challenge to be ultimately disappointing. Sloths are also very unique and innovative and are more likely to look beyond whatever current role they have and find ways to improve other things beyond their responsibility level.

As mentioned, Sloths are great diplomats, so what better job than as a diplomat? Sloths are skilled politically and are naturals at learning new languages. Jobs such as diplomat, translator, or politician are perfect for Sloths that don’t mind the limelight. For those who prefer to stay off the radar, a job as a teacher, community worker, doctor, or therapist would fulfill many of the internal needs that members of this sign share.

It should also be noted that Sloths make great parents. Sometimes a career as a homemaker is the most fulfilling career of all. It’s likely, though, that Sloths will do best if they join parent groups or otherwise stay social, as too much time alone might start to drive them a bit stir-crazy.


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