Primal Zodiac Sign of Squirrel
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Taurus + Rat



Combining the ambition and cunning of the Rat with the stubborn persistence of the Bull, those born under the Primal Zodiac sign of the Squirrel are capable of creating great success in their lifetimes. Both highly capable and strong-willed, members of this sign are willing to take the risks necessary to lead them to their goals.

These traits represent both the best and worst sides of the Squirrel. Their strong work ethic and enthusiasm for achievement help them immensely when it comes to getting what they want out of life. At the same time Squirrels are often too willing to sacrifice anything and everything in order to accomplish what they have their minds set on. Some may even reach the very edge of ethical and moral boundaries if need be, though luckily they are usually smart enough to know not to cross the legal ones.

Once Squirrels become focused on a goal, there is simply no stopping them unless they choose to stop themselves. Though not patient in the classic sense of the word, they are willing to take each step one at a time in order to build the foundation for their success. This is often the difference between this sign and others who seek success. Even though they want the glory and riches as soon as possible, Squirrels inherently know that it will take time to get where they want to go, and are willing to wait if it gives them a better shot at having it all.

Squirrels have great instincts. They understand people very well and will often partner up with others to reach higher levels of success. Witty, imaginative, and charming, they are surprisingly skilled at convincing others to join them on their road to greatness. Usually they will stay loyal to their comrades, though they will not hesitate to do what is necessary to keep their dreams alive. The “big picture” is the only picture for a Squirrel.

Interestingly, in the animal kingdom, the typically vegetarian squirrel has been found to prey on other small animals if need be. Though this is rare, it clearly represents the singular focus and survival instincts of the animal which represents those born under its sign.


The biggest challenge Squirrels have is that they must be careful that their ambition does not overwhelm or supersede their relationships. This is a sign that enjoys being social, especially because they often spend a great deal of their working time alone or focused strictly on their goals. Social interaction is a very good and very important aspect of a Squirrel’s life. The most balanced of this sign will keep an equilibrium between looking forward and enjoying the moment. Socializing is one of the few times that Squirrels will allow themselves to do so.

Squirrels won’t have much trouble finding potential mates. Where they will have trouble is sharing their time and energy between their goals and a relationship. Those who wish to partner up with a member of this sign will have to understand and accept the fact that Squirrels need time to themselves to tend to what is important to them (usually their career). Partners should equally be aware that they will most likely have to end up forcing some sense of balance into their mate’s life. This is the kind of partner that Squirrels need in order to live a stable and content life. Unfortunately young Squirrels tend to be a bit superficial. Most members of this sign will not be ready for a partner until they have seen some age, experience, and success.

Careers & Goals

The ambitious Squirrel often knows exactly what he or she wants to do with his or her life. The “big picture” idea may hit suddenly, but it is almost always a natural extension of a person’s skills, talents, and interests. Those who don’t have a career in mind should not worry, for this is a sign that can succeed in just about any field. The only key ingredient should be a passion for the accomplishments the work can bring, or a passion for the work itself.

That said, there are a handful of careers that are tailor-made for this combination of zodiac signs. While most Squirrels are adept at business in general, most also share a particular passion for fundraising. Squirrels are great with money and are perfect fits as financial advisers. They also enjoy auctions and auctioneering, particularly in the not-for-profit field or in the world of art and antiques.

It’s worth mentioning that many Squirrels are naturally gifted musicians, particularly as singers and songwriters. Ironically, this may be the most challenging field for this ambitious and capable sign to succeed in monetarily and professionally.


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