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Loyal, helpful, and creative, those born under the sign of the Tarsier are also some of the most sensitive individuals of the Primal Zodiac. Tarsiers spend much of their time lost in thought. They are both dreamers and idealists who would greatly prefer to live in an imaginary Utopia rather than have to suffer through the chaos and iniquity of the real world.

Tarsiers are highly sensitive, both emotionally and intuitively. They take the pains of the world around them personally. In fact, they are so deeply affected by the problems of others that they can become easily overwhelmed, which can lead to depression, anxiety, and even addiction. Members of this sign have a very strong sense of justice, and a dedication to trust and loyalty that is unmatched among their peers.

Because of their sensitive nature, it is not unusual for Tarsiers to seclude themselves from others for periods of time. This is not only time to recharge emotionally but also to work on one of their many creative projects. All Tarsiers are artistic, though some may not exercise this part of their nature until later in life. While they are very friendly and trustworthy, Tarsiers are not particularly outgoing. Still, many people are intrigued by them and so they usually find their place in a social scene. They play their role as the loyal and trustworthy friend and confidant well, though they are also known to be worriers and complainers who must take care not to allow themselves to be taken advantage of.


In general, people like Tarsiers because they are kind, generous, and sympathetic listeners who are good at keeping secrets. They rarely take part in gossip and are the perfect people to come to when friends need a shoulder to cry on. Though they can be shy and quiet (depending on the minor signs in the birth chart), they enjoy being social in groups as long as they don’t have to be the center of attention. Tarsiers have to be careful not to give too much, as this can be emotionally exhausting for this sensitive sign.

Tarsiers are not terribly comfortable playing the leader in any relationship, including romantic ones. Instead they are at their best when they are partnered with a strong personality. This by no means implies that Tarsiers should find someone to dominate them. Instead they should look for a partner who is focused and decisive, but who also appreciates what the creative and intuitive Tarsier brings to the partnership. Loyalty is of great importance to them and when they settle down they intend it to be forever. Finding true love is likely to be a very big part of life for members of this sign, though they do surprisingly well being on their own as well. They are much more independent than they tend to think.

Careers & Goals

The list of career options for Tarsiers may seem limited to social and charitable work, but the truth is some members of this sign may find such work far too emotionally intense for them. Though they are huge humanitarians, they are also very sensitive to social injustice as well as the pain of others. This combination makes them terrific social workers, charity workers, and counselors, if they can separate themselves from their work. Otherwise those born under this sign are going to have a difficult time living their lives while being overwhelmed by the problems of others.

Similarly, roles such as doctor, lawyer, or religious leader are a good fit for this sign, though the same warnings apply. Most Tarsiers are gifted in the arts, so for those who don’t find these career options appealing, a career as an artist may be the perfect choice. Tarsiers don’t need much in life to make them happy, and while they like to own nice things, they can also get by with a very minimalistic living situation, which is great for an up and coming artist. Above all things, those born under this sign should follow their hearts and their intuition, as these are much more well-tuned to the subtle energies of the universe than they are for most other signs.


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