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Sagittarius + Sheep



Peaceful, reserved, and intelligent, those born under the sign of the Tortoise are eager for new experiences. Though they are highly amiable in most every situation, there is a hidden restlessness to them, like an underground volcano; eventually the tension requires a release. For those whose circumstances won’t let them simply roam the world as they please, small adventures will become more and more necessary.

Tortoises enjoy nature and usually have a place they like to go and relax, whether it be the woods, coast, mountains, desert, river, or whatnot. There is always somewhere new to explore even if members of this sign don’t make it out of their usual routine often enough. These trips don’t have to be elaborate, in fact most Tortoises like to take things slow. This is a philosophical sign that likes to ponder the mysteries of life. Spiritually and intellectually advanced, they are deep thinkers that also need time just to quietly observe all that which surrounds them.

Tortoise is a sign of good luck and good karma. Both Sagittarius and Sheep are considered lucky signs and the art of Feng Shui even suggests that images of tortoises in the home will bring one good luck. Their karma is usually positive due to the fact that they don’t hold grudges and don’t try to take what they don’t deserve.

Like the famous children’s fable of the Tortoise and the Hare tells us, slow and steady wins the race. The Tortoise, being the hero of this tale, shows the rest of us how all achievements are made one small step at a time. There is little emotion involved in the fictional reptile’s journey. He knows he is the underdog so he pushes along slowly and wins because his adversary counts him out before the race is over. Likewise, members of this sign take their time moving through life. They move ever forward with caution but not hesitation.


Members of this sign aren’t necessarily hard to know, but they do take a while to warm up socially. Tortoises are independent individuals who require a reasonable amount of time alone. They enjoy social situations, but aren’t always comfortable in speaking their mind amongst strangers. When they do finally come out of their shells the first thing most people notice is their strikingly blunt or inappropriate sense of humor. This is what gives them their unique charm - but only with those who know they are joking. The rest of the time they are polite and easy going, but one can tell that there is more going on under the surface.

Tortoises treat romantic relationships much like they do work. They don’t mind being told what to do as long as it makes sense. Most people born during the Chinese Zodiac’s Year of the Sheep choose dominant partners and Tortoise is no exception. Of course, aspects in the birth chart may change this (especially the positions of the Moon and Venus), but it’s a safe bet that most

Tortoises will be willing to take a backseat to a louder or more aggressive sign. Tortoises are well suited for the simple life, though they will always long for adventure regardless of their relationship status. Members of this sign should plan a lot of mini-vacations or weekend getaways in order to avoid becoming resentful of their home lives.

Careers & Goals

Whatever Tortoises choose to do for a career they will approach with great vigor. Members of this sign are not afraid to work hard at a task, especially if it is of personal interest to them. The more exciting and adventurous the job, though, the better. Though this sign often focuses on security first, there is a place deep inside of them that longs to leave everything behind and start anew.

Tortoises most commonly choose to work for others. They don’t mind being told what to do and even have a hard time pushing back when overextended. While they should follow a passion if they have one, those born under this sign don’t mind settling into a comfortable job at a comfortable place. The best career choices for Tortoise are professor (especially of history or art history), editor, publisher, TV presenter, advertiser, attorney, diplomat, art historian, investor, and importer/exporter.


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